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July 10, 2010

Iggy’s Complicity on Damage that Budget Bill C-9 will Certainly Bring

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I can already see a BP disaster in the making with the passing of Harper’s unprecedentedly humongous budget bill that aims to sidetrack the democratic role reserved for Parliament. By putting in provision that would allow him to water down environmental assessment and sale off part of AECL and Canada post without the necessary check and balances, Harper will be able to do what he wants without scrutiny and his actions will be irreversible.

It was less stringent environmental assessment and regulation that lead to the BP disaster in U.S. Gulf coast. Now Harper’s attempt at watering down the important government role of environmental assessment could lead to another Walkerton, BP or even Nuclear concerns if we are not careful. Canada have one of the toughest nuclear regulation through CNSC. With the sale of AECL to private firms almost a certainty, we need to maintain current level of regulation not reduce them to appease private investors. Any environmental disaster brought on by this bill in the future is not only Harper’s fault but also Iggy, for intentionally letting this bill pass in the Parliament through choreographed absenteeism.

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