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December 17, 2009

Selling CANDU – Stupid or Corruption

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Government announcement that the most profitable section of AECL will be sold to private firm is deja vu all over again. They are either stupid or corrupt in helping the private firm. This is like the Mulroney medical isotope fiasco all over again. Mulroney gave a lopsided contract award to MDS Nordion to profit from medical isotope produced by AECL. AECL aside from having to provide the capital and produce the isotope end up gaining nothing which lead to the current medical isotope crisis. Now the only profitable section of AECL will be sold off again to a private firm at a time of nuclear renaissance where China have been in talk with AECL to work on CANDU that uses Thorium, something China have more of than Uranium. But guess where the profit from China’s tens of new reactor will go to once CANDU have been privatized. To the lucky private firm Harper decide to award the sale to of course.

Are they really this short sighted and stupid or simply corrupt? One excuse being used was it will save the taxpayer money. That’s full of stinky S__T! The isotope and research division of AECL still have to be shouldered by taxpayer. But now the profitable division is taken away which means they’ll be solely relying on taxpayers money now with no possible source of income.

Thanks Harper for giving CANDU to a private firm. Worse than Mulroney who gave medical isotope profit to MDS Nordion and the privatization of Petro Canada. As the nuclear power sale is set to skyrocket and enormous profit to be made due to pressure on government worldwide to cut pollutant and greenhouse emission. We then rush to sale a promising technology to a private firm. China already have CANDU (built on time and on budget) and with their joint research with AECL, it won’t be surprising if they chose CANDU for the bulk of their new Nuclear plant. I find it hard to believe that Harper can’t see something that is already at work. China have signed agreement with AECL. Are they really stupid or just corrupt?

October 14, 2009

$2 Billion Dollar For A Carbon-Capture Sideshow

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Harper awarded close to a billion dollar to Alberta to go toward the untested carbon-capture project. Up to $2 billion have been set aside with half of that going to Shell’s project. This is nothing but a sideshow that does not really address the environmental pollution issue. Instead it literally buried the pollution in the ground with no clear scientific study done on it. Guess what else is under ground that these pollutants could seep into. Our drinking water! While nuclear waste storage have to undergo very stringent regulation and scientific study to ensure the storage site won’t result in migration of the waste, the carbon-capture have no such study and research. It only helps keep the oil and coal industry alive and divert the much needed effort to push toward clean energy. In fact $343 million is being taken from the clean energy fund.

(Latest news on carbon-capture billion dollar handout: Feds Pledge another $779 million for Carbon-Capture)

This comes amid controversy over Harper’s continued use of taxpayer money to fund partisan advertisement and his MP have been caught by the opposition with handing out taxpayers fund to their constituent replacing the Government of Canada logo with Conservative logo. It’s good for Harper to keep his distant now. Whether he has prior knowledge or not, his past actions have made his MP think these actions are ok. Prior to this incident, the normally non partisan Government of Canada website were being plastered with Harper’s picture and the red color changed to Conservative blue. Pro-Conservative campaign style ad were paid for with taxpayers fund.

It’s so nice of them to waste taxpayer’s money at a time of deep economic difficulty.

September 2, 2009

Taking on Harper During the Election

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With talks of election in the air again, the oppositions would do well to heed several lessons. They could pickup a few lessons from a Canadian premier. He is none other than Gary Doer of Manitoba. Doer avoided rabid partisanship and although he is an NDP, he avoided the cliche of NDP being slanted way to the left spectrum (pro labour and very anti-Corporation). One reason Layton would never succeed is large population of Canadian are employed by the banks and big corporations. While the average workers appreciate having strong workers right, they are fully aware of the perils of ideological anti-Corporation tax hike. Gary Doer demonstrated how you could stay above the fray of partisanship to gain respect and be able to get things done.

If past election is any indication, Harper would again result to mud slinging and taking opponents words out of context. He would attempt to drag the oppositions down to his level of dirty politics. End result is disgusted voters turning away from the polls. Low voter turn out almost gave Harper his majority during the last election.

Harper is already gearing up to use their vast amount of money and recently asked the court to force Election Canada to take GST rebate back in an attempt to bypass Election Canada’s limit on election spending. This measures ensures a more even playing field. Without it, the cash rich Conservative could flood the airwaves with misinformation campaign, much worse than the daily barrage of trash they’ve subjected the Canadians to in past election. The cash strapped opposition won’t be able to counter the large amount of Conservative ads. Corporation spend huge amount of money on marketing because it works regardless of whether they tell the truth or not.

With all oppositions seemingly in agreement that Harper should go, we could only hope that the opposition would conduct themselves like a statesman rather than little kids in a school yard.

August 7, 2009

Countering Conservative Lie on EI

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I know Harper is at it again and distorting the facts on EI reform proposal. Bloggers have already predicted that the appointment of master of smear Poilievre to the EI reform working group demonstrate Harper’s intention is to attack EI reform rather than make it work. Those who follow politics and the political bloggers know the fact very well but the ordinary voters are the important group that we need to target and make sure this lie and distortion is clarified and understood. Harper is good at confusing the issue leading to voters feeling confused thereby creating doubts. So in clarifying this distortion, we must keep it simple and explain it concisely in few words. That is:

Conservative estimate is a total fabrication and their estimates are based on things the Liberal have not proposed. Their action illustrate they are not sincere in reforming EI to help the hard working employee, who caught a bad break because of the recession.

Fewer words and direct to the point. Call it like it is. A lie and fabrication is a lie and fabrication.

December 3, 2008

Harper, The Tyrant’s Game of Deception

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Star published an old letter of the Conservative and Bloc deal on working together against the Liberal government. Bloc leader Gilles Duceppe held the letter up in Parliament today.

There is nothing wrong with opposition working together. What is so wrong is the hypocrisy of Harper in trying to label the opposition coalition as traitors for dealing with the Bloc. Harper is trying to create an artificial crisis. Coalition government are normal occurrences in democracies across Europe.

Make sure none of your friend remain politically ignorant. Spare no effort on explaining and clarifying the lies being spread by Harper and the ones he is about to repeat in a few minutes, at his scheduled 7 pm speech tonight. In a futile attempt to stay in power, he plan to shutdown the government and stop governing until next year. He would do this amidst signs of economic troubles at our country’s doorstep.

In a democracy, majority rules. Only tyrants would create a crisis,  and the country be dammed, just so he can keep his grip on power.  From now on, any of my blog about Harper will have the blog tag “Harper the tyrant”.

Link to the Conservative, Bloc deal at The Star

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