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December 3, 2008

Harper’s Next Move, Blackmailing Governor General

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Harper’s supporters are now blackmailing the Governor General saying she better reject the coalition or else.

h/t The regina mom blog. Here’s a National Post report quoted on that blog.

Sputtering with rage in the Post, Michael Bliss goes so far as to demand that the Governor-General reject any no-confidence vote supported by the Bloc — and if she doesn’t, it amounts to “an abuse of vice-regal power” that raises “fundamental questions about Ms. Jean’s loyalty to the Constitution and to Canada”.

Here’s a Parliament Democracy for Dummy to counter Harper’s spin that this is undemocratic.

Each member of parliament were voted by Canadian voters. If the majority of elected MP voted non-confidence on the government, the government falls. That’s democracy at work.

January 13, 2008

Everything is about political gamesmanship for Harper

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Harper just can’t do anything without playing political games to prop up his government. From tying whatever he does to the passing of his budget (in order to manipulate the opposition to support his government), or to try to blame anything on opposition or past government. He never fails to do this for every single thing he does. Now, after ignoring the provinces premieres for so long, he finally agree to meet them but tied any assistance he would give to them on condition that oppositions pass the budget and keep him in power. So he essentially used them as pawn for next budget, when opposition is expected to vote down the government and force an election. He could have distributed the much needed economic assistance now and show what he stands for, but he rather use it as political tool to help him stay in power.

Globe and Mail article states that:

Premiers anxious about their provinces’ economic future accused Stephen Harper Thursday of playing politics with a $1-billion aid program that hinges on the uncertain future of the next federal budget.

Now, I don’t agree with Layton on a lot of things but I agree with what he said about Harper today. He accused him of using the assistance to ‘blackmail the opposition‘ to keeping him in power.

Now, of course, we’re seeing the members of Parliament being blackmailed by Mr. Harper, saying the only way there will be any assistance to the laid-off workers is if we vote ‘confidence’ in the Harper government and their approach to all things, whether it’s the war, the environment, or all the other things that they’re doing wrong.
closequote.jpg – Jack Layton

I hope they bring down Harper government and maybe there will finally be a government who work with opposition to get things done. It would be a breath of fresh air if the next government does not try to to one-up everyone else before doing anything. Paul Martin minority government works with opposition to get things done and did not exhibit such manipulative and arrogant stance of the present minority government.

With the way Harper’s government handled the medical isotopes crisis in AECL, I would hate to see him as PM when a worse crisis hit. On that incident, they failed to act for several days after being informed of the problem and tried to strong arm an independent nuclear regulatory body. He have to smear the reputation of the regulatory body (as being made up of Liberal hack) before he introduced legislation to solve the problem. Everything is how to one-up the opposition. One of their typical action was demonstrated by MP Peter Van Loan in parliament. When questioned about the crisis, he accused the past government of being unprepared. I guess it’s just another day in Harper’s government house of “it’s everyone else’s fault but us”.

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