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My CTV Boycott

Here’s the blog I wrote on October 24 on why I am boycotting CTV.

I’ve put a boycott CTV logo on top of my page as a reminder that I won’t be watching any more CTV program until they get rid of their Fox News style reporting. CTV have been unabashedly bias in their news broadcast and it’s a widely known fact in blogosphere that their reporting is skewed toward Harper’s Conservative. Being complacent and keeping quiet is simply not an option. We are not living in a communist or dictatorial regime and can do without a government propaganda news network. CTV have been acting as a Harper’s apologist for far too long. During the Bali climate change conference, they’ve defended and repeated Harper’s line for joining Bush in blocking any agreement from being passed (youtube video link). But their shameless pro-Harper slant have recently increased in intensity and aggressiveness. One of their recent action led Green Party leader Elizabeth May to chide Mike Duffy for his questionable un-journalistic conduct (youtube link). There have been lots of other instances of biasness. The now infamous “help Harper stop Dion’s momentum” outtake video is just one of the latest. And if you still tune in to Mike Duffy after the election, you can’t be faulted for mistaking CTV for Fox news. They have the same style of having a pro-Conservative/Republican guest saying outrageous thing about the opposition. A pro-Harper guest recently called Dion an “idiot savant”. (h/t Impolitical – link to a list of his blog about CTV’s unethical conduct).

A boycott campaign was started and it should be maintained in order to sent a clear message that we are not going to stand idly by while they turn a Canadian television network into a lie infested propaganda network.

Here’s a modified logo taken from the original design created by “A Creative Revolution” blog page.


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