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December 8, 2009

Rich and Poor Nation Fight Over Climate Change

The big story today seems to be a leaked document that was going to be passed as the new climate change treaty. The document was alleged to have been put together by a few rich nation including host country Denmark and seems to reduce the emission cut obligations of the rich nations. It also hands power for future negotiation to the rich countries (ABC News Australia reported). Poor countries are threatening to walk out.

The noise generated by pro and anti Climate change advocate is a bit tiring. As far as I am concern, oil are controlled by few Texan and Middle Eastern Royalty cartel artificially making it expensive. In some countries, price fixing is illegal. Then why is oil cartel tolerated? It is also a pollutant. No question about it. Not even taking into account the global warming equation, it’s a no brainer that we should move toward renewable energy. Hong Kong already have electric car. And China are actively investing in infrastructure and research to help promote electric car (China’s BYD cheap electric car beat GM, Nissan and Toyota -CNN). Unfortunately the one spearheading this new technology is not the usual developed countries but developing country like China. It is not a question of science, the facts and technology is there, it is a question of commitment by the rich countries. Unfortunately, a lot of the  rich countries have stake in oil and would keep on dragging their feet as long as they can. The wave of change is coming, either we get on board or get left behind.

November 24, 2009

Mourning The Latest Philippine’s Democracy Deaths

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It saddens me to see so many journalist, would be political candidate and their relatives killed in the Philippines as they accompany a convoy traveling to file an application to run for governor in a local provincial election. Women were reportedly raped also. Election violence have been a staples of Philippine democracy. Since the world renown People Power overthrew the Marcos dictatorship, Philippine’s road to democracy have been a tumultuous one. It has been mired in corruption, warlordism, election fraud and political killings – some of the same ingredients that lead to the failure of democracy in China, giving way to rise of Communism in that country.

The fact that this massacre is garnering international condemnation would help shone a spotlight on the violent political culture that exist in that country. Maintaining Democracy is hard work. Unfortunately Philippine have a long way to go to overcome all the hurdles a young democracy faces.  International condemnation would help pressure the Philippine government to do something and not treat this as business as usual.

News Source and Related Article : Christian Science Monitor Global News Blog

Associated press have a more graphic detail account of the massacre.

October 12, 2009

Canada Caused Mass Walk Out in Thailand

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h/t to the blog: Peace, order and good government eh?

Canada’s position on Climate change have caused a mass walkout of the group of 77 nations gathering in Thailand to tackle the environmental issue. Read the above blog or this Canadian Press (CP) article for more detail.

Canadian Press : Canadian position prompts walk-out by developing countries at climate talks.

Surprisingly, this is not being reported in Canada’s main stream media’s website (last I checked October 12 9:43pm EST). Did not know there’s self censorship here. Perhaps to avoid embarrassing ourselves?

October 5, 2009

Dust Storm – disease or cure; Electric Vehicle stall in Canada

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As incidence of dust storm increase in frequency, not only in China and Australia but now also in U.S., scientist are reporting that dust storm are usually linked to outbreak of diseases. This weekend, Washington state dust storm caused pileup on the highway forcing its closure. It has just been re-opened today. Dust storm are reported to carry bacteria, viruses and fungal spores and its minute particle when inhaled are harmful to human’s respiratory system, even without the disease carrying organism.

Japanese observed that in one incident, large amount of dust (800,000 tonnes) was pickup from China’s desert and carried twice around the world. This indicate that one country’s problem, e.g. deforestation, could affect people in other parts of the world. China have recently announced a big project of planting lots of trees to mitigate climate change and sand storm problem.

Source: article

But aside from the ominous news about the harmfulness of dust storm, scientist are also looking at the benefits to marine life and possibly carbon capture (nothing to do with the carbon capture farce for coal power plant). The iron content in dust storm is believed to be leading to a boom in ocean’s algae,  a valuable food source for marine life and big absorber of CO2. Personally, it seems surreal to me that some scientist are thinking of artificially injecting iron into the ocean to produce algae in hope that it would absorb the CO2 produced by our excessive use of fuel. I think in this case, the saying “An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure” applies.

Speaking of prevention, electric car is coming to China and that country plan to offer incentives on top of their already heavy investment for helping research and development of electric car. BYD of China will be rolling out their electric vehicle by the end of this year.  Here in Canada, other than tax breaks being offered by Ontario, the federal government have no plans and are happy to drag their feet on this and have even scaled back funding for scientific research and universities.  A Canadian manufacturer of  electric car (Zenn) got zero support from Canadian government. The government deem it  unsafe even in 50 km/h rural road (citing its 40 km/h limit). The Zenn passed U.S. regulation but are prevented from selling here.  So they are unable to sell to Canadians and have to rely on customers abroad. Meanwhile, bicycles are legally allowed on the road. Albeit, a lot of people are still unaware that bicycle have right to full lane, but that’s another story.

Sadly, Zenn is now pulling the plug on their electric vehicle. Back in 2007, the founder have blamed Federal government for putting a road block and preventing their sale here in Canada.

January 15, 2009

Israel-Gaza Conflict Summary V

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Part 5 of series of summaries on the current Israel-Gaza conflict based on various news sources from the past few days. Links to other parts: part 1, part 2, part 3, part 4

Jan 13
Heavy clashes were reported on several sides of the Gaza city’s outskirts.

Hamas released video of Israeli soldier hit by sniper fire.

Israel claims lots of houses are booby trapped but they are using sniffing dog to detect them. There’s seems to be an elaborate network of tunnel build under houses.

Jan 14
Rocket launched from Lebanon hitting open area in northern Israel. Lebanese army dismantled three rockets sets to be fired. It was not clear if Hezbollah or Al Qaeda linked group was involve. Hezbollah have denied rockets fired from Lebanon earlier in the Gaza conflict. However, Hezbollah does not seem to be patrolling nor making effort to stop the rocket fire.

Pro-Palestinian protesters in Lebanon forced Beirut Starbucks to close.

Israel deploy troops along the Lebanon border.

Bin Laden released tape calling for Jihad on Israel. Secular Syria warned Bin Laden is trying to convert Palestinian and Arabs to his ideology and this conflict would only promotes extremism.

Jan 15
Israel bomb hit UN aid warehouse destroying much needed food and medical aid. Another bomb hit the media center for international broadcaster.

Jerusalem Post report that crackdown against Hamas have been launched jointly between Israel’s IDF and Palestinian Fatah. Pro-Hamas university students have been arrested and other known supporters rounded up. Palestinian journalist covering the operation have been beaten by Fatah police, according to the report. Hamas called for Intifada against Fatah.

Israel gave media a controlled tour away from sites of combat.

Israel successfully killed another Hamas leader.

Hamas rockets continued to be fired into Israel.

BBC and CBC report that Israel might be carrying out last ditch push before possible ceasefire.

Israel’s neo right wing war hawk Netanyahu is reported to be the favorite in Israel election next month,  according to BBC.

/end of summary

Again a word of caution. Accounts of he says she says between Hamas and Israel are hard to confirm due to total blockade against press and media by Israel.

Came across one old news from January 10 which reported a boy in hospital recounting events to Reuters. The boy claim Israeli soldier landing from helicopters herded them into a building. Hours later the building was bombed. Red Cresecent was finally allowed to go to the site by Israel after long period of waiting time. Red Crescent claimed that when they arrived, the children were starving and was too weak to stand up.
Red Crescent criticized Israel for “unacceptable” delay in permitting rescue efforts. (source: Irish Times)

Older men declare war. But it’s the youth who must fight and die.  – Herbert Hoover

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