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October 14, 2009

$2 Billion Dollar For A Carbon-Capture Sideshow

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Harper awarded close to a billion dollar to Alberta to go toward the untested carbon-capture project. Up to $2 billion have been set aside with half of that going to Shell’s project. This is nothing but a sideshow that does not really address the environmental pollution issue. Instead it literally buried the pollution in the ground with no clear scientific study done on it. Guess what else is under ground that these pollutants could seep into. Our drinking water! While nuclear waste storage have to undergo very stringent regulation and scientific study to ensure the storage site won’t result in migration of the waste, the carbon-capture have no such study and research. It only helps keep the oil and coal industry alive and divert the much needed effort to push toward clean energy. In fact $343 million is being taken from the clean energy fund.

(Latest news on carbon-capture billion dollar handout: Feds Pledge another $779 million for Carbon-Capture)

This comes amid controversy over Harper’s continued use of taxpayer money to fund partisan advertisement and his MP have been caught by the opposition with handing out taxpayers fund to their constituent replacing the Government of Canada logo with Conservative logo. It’s good for Harper to keep his distant now. Whether he has prior knowledge or not, his past actions have made his MP think these actions are ok. Prior to this incident, the normally non partisan Government of Canada website were being plastered with Harper’s picture and the red color changed to Conservative blue. Pro-Conservative campaign style ad were paid for with taxpayers fund.

It’s so nice of them to waste taxpayer’s money at a time of deep economic difficulty.


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