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September 22, 2009

Evidence of Fox Distortion Exposed in Media War

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It’s interesting to see Fox unravel. Although biasness of Fox is obvious to most of us, it has never been this obvious. It seems like the trigger might be Fox ad claiming the other networks was not at the anti-Obama 9/12 tea party protest. The network hit back and now there’s a viral video circulating showing Fox producer staging and directing the protesters. CNN was fuming at Fox lying about CNN not covering the protest. CNN then showed their tower cam shot with a  Canadian flag that was used as the picture on Fox ad. I guess they got use to getting away with lying and got too greedy.  There is a need to put an end to shameless lying and incitement of hate by neo-right wing group like Murdoch’s Fox’s. CTV and Globe and Mail should take note.

Here’s the youtube video of CNN exposing Fox’s organizing the rally (a video first exposed by Huffington Post):


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