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September 16, 2009

Racial Tension Rising in U.S.?

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The election of the first black president in the U.S. might be causing racial tension to resurface. There’s almost a sense of panic and paranoia in U.S. that Obama is driving them to ruin. Something unseen of even during the presidency of Bush. This leads to yelling match and boorishness across the U.S. culminating in Rep. Joe Wilson yelling and interrupting a speech of the President. The loss of civility in congress align the U.S. Congress closer to past Taiwanese parliament where congressmen physically assault each other.  Today, Jimmy Carter stated what was on the back of a lot of people’s mind, especially black people. That Wilson outburst would not have happened if Obama is not black. Carter claimed it was an act based on racism and rooted in fears of a black president.

Meanwhile, Kanye West outburst, interrupting Taylor Swift acceptance speech to claim Beyonce should have won, is raising some question as to whether this was another racial paranoia on Kanye West part. The victim mentality or feeling that a black woman who deserve to win have been robbed of her award in favor of a white woman.

There’s even consternation that Obama’s advisers are all white. So the big celebration after Obama was elected and the proclamation that America can finally put their ugly racial history behind seems premature. The cancer created by racist of old days and present day runs deep. U.S. seems to have been infected with Fox News culture, where yelling and drowning out people who have different opinion is a norm. Where outrageous lie are spoken without a blink of an eye.  LA Times call it a deepening social dysfunction.

But this phenomena is not limited to our neighbour to the south. Civility in Canada’s parliament has gone downhill since Stephen Harper adopted a yelling, insult and smear filled parliamentary session. If we let the neo-Conservative gang with the like of Bush, Howard, Fox and Harper go on their ways without censure, then the noisy minority would have their ways. Harper is obviously borrowing a page from former Australia’s PM Howard and have been caught delivering exactly the same speech as Howard. Civility, honesty and ethics be damn. Just tap in to people’s worse fear and prejudice. Divide and Conquer.


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