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September 9, 2009

Slap in the Hand Fine Won’t Deter Corruption

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Can’t help but shake my head when I read about Peter MacKay’s getting off pretty much scott free for “serious contravention of the conflict of interest act” meant to prevent corruption in the government. Peter MacKay failed to disclose his involvement with private companies, which all government officials are required to do so. The ethics commissioner upon finding out about the matter from The Chronicle Herald contacted MacKay and fined him a measly $200 despite saying it is a serious offense. MacKay resign from his position in the corporations only after being contacted by the commissioner contrary to misleading Canadian Press brief that read like he have already resigned before being found out.  The  NDP MP was right when she says:

Halifax MP Megan Leslie said she finds it tough to understand Mr. MacKay’s oversight because MPs and cabinet ministers have to go through a rigorous disclo­sure process.

“It must be quite the life to for­get that you’re the director of cer­tain companies,” the New Demo­crat said. “I forget how many stu­dent loans I have, but we have dif­ferent lives, Peter and I.”

Source: Halifax’s The Chronicle Herald

MacKay have in fact used his power in government to announce $7 million in funding for Nova Scotia Woodlot owners. The two companies he was linked to is Beaver Lumber and Lorne Resources owned by his father.

The conflict of interest act might not stop all corruptions but it prevent conflict of interest, hence corruption in the government. We can’t afford to be lax lest corrupt government officials would think they might be able to get off easily with just a slap in the hand while playing coy.


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