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September 2, 2009

Taking on Harper During the Election

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With talks of election in the air again, the oppositions would do well to heed several lessons. They could pickup a few lessons from a Canadian premier. He is none other than Gary Doer of Manitoba. Doer avoided rabid partisanship and although he is an NDP, he avoided the cliche of NDP being slanted way to the left spectrum (pro labour and very anti-Corporation). One reason Layton would never succeed is large population of Canadian are employed by the banks and big corporations. While the average workers appreciate having strong workers right, they are fully aware of the perils of ideological anti-Corporation tax hike. Gary Doer demonstrated how you could stay above the fray of partisanship to gain respect and be able to get things done.

If past election is any indication, Harper would again result to mud slinging and taking opponents words out of context. He would attempt to drag the oppositions down to his level of dirty politics. End result is disgusted voters turning away from the polls. Low voter turn out almost gave Harper his majority during the last election.

Harper is already gearing up to use their vast amount of money and recently asked the court to force Election Canada to take GST rebate back in an attempt to bypass Election Canada’s limit on election spending. This measures ensures a more even playing field. Without it, the cash rich Conservative could flood the airwaves with misinformation campaign, much worse than the daily barrage of trash they’ve subjected the Canadians to in past election. The cash strapped opposition won’t be able to counter the large amount of Conservative ads. Corporation spend huge amount of money on marketing because it works regardless of whether they tell the truth or not.

With all oppositions seemingly in agreement that Harper should go, we could only hope that the opposition would conduct themselves like a statesman rather than little kids in a school yard.


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