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August 7, 2009

Countering Conservative Lie on EI

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I know Harper is at it again and distorting the facts on EI reform proposal. Bloggers have already predicted that the appointment of master of smear Poilievre to the EI reform working group demonstrate Harper’s intention is to attack EI reform rather than make it work. Those who follow politics and the political bloggers know the fact very well but the ordinary voters are the important group that we need to target and make sure this lie and distortion is clarified and understood. Harper is good at confusing the issue leading to voters feeling confused thereby creating doubts. So in clarifying this distortion, we must keep it simple and explain it concisely in few words. That is:

Conservative estimate is a total fabrication and their estimates are based on things the Liberal have not proposed. Their action illustrate they are not sincere in reforming EI to help the hard working employee, who caught a bad break because of the recession.

Fewer words and direct to the point. Call it like it is. A lie and fabrication is a lie and fabrication.


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