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June 17, 2009

Isotope Crisis Could Threaten Health Care Beyond Cancer Treatment

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The current medical isotope crisis resulting from government (past and present) negligence is costing hospitals as they try to find alternative sources. The extra cost could affect the budget of the hospital thereby affecting other health care services. Last thing we need is hospitals running short on cash. For a peek at the effect of cash shortage in health care, just look at Mike Harris huge cut to health care in Ontario and the resulting mayhem. Or look at Winnipeg’s Health Science Centre, which was the subject of a recent news due to patients dying from waiting for a long time in the emergency area.

There’s no solution in sight and Harper left no doubt about his intent to get Canada out of the “isotope business”. The cries and complaints from the Doctor’s and scientist are falling on deaf ear. The opposition meanwhile, especially the Liberal, are busy playing politics and more interested in political theatrics than working with other opposition. The united opposition could put constant pressure on Harper’s government to come up with a solution or plan. However, Ignatieff is more willing to work with Harper than with the opposition, as he forms an unofficial coalition with Harper today (backtracking from his claim that EI reform can’t wait till September). He forego working with the opposition to fast track EI reform and instead form a quasi-coalition with Harper for a slower process of reforming EI in September. He sent out e-mail to registered Liberal attacking NDP and Bloc for their quick rejection of Harper’s economic update, he claims to be better than them.

Opposition and government MP’s political theatrics of outrage and yelling and screaming have become routine in Parliament, as if some monumental scandal is occurring everyday. It’s a far cry from the more civilized parliament in UK.  These MPs, along with the media, jumped all over Lisa Raitt’s comment that the subject about Radiation leak and cancer are “sexy”. They took her word out of context to claim she meant dying cancer patients are sexy. Painting her as a diabolic Lisa Raitt laughing at the dying patients.  In the midst of the political madness and feign outraged, the more pressing need of coming out with a plan to deal with the present and future medical isotope crisis took a back seat.

Harper’s health minister belatedly offered $6 million to fix the problem. Too little too late and appears like a cruel joke that lead one commenter on the web to ask, why is it that the government can easily shell out $10 billion to bail out GM but could only offer cheap change when people’s lives are at stakes?



  1. Re; ” Harper left no doubt about his intent to get Canada out of the “isotope business”, does anyone give him “advice”!!?. To get out of this business, hospitals need to import MO-99 (the mother of Tc-99m) every month. How much the cost of importing this isotope would cost? Even, more important, how much those frequent radioactive shipments would cost? minor transport delay and it is a lost value!!I guess his advisers still think of it as a “sexy issue”!!!!

    Comment by Sami — June 18, 2009 @ 7:25 am | Reply

    • Harper’s supposed advice comes from financial firms. National Bank report which recommended a sale. And now they hired another investment firm to figure out how to divvy up AECL. What does these financial firm know about the working of the research and engineering firm? How exactly are they going to divide up a company where several branches support each other. Research division helps in testing CANDU and it’s so intermingled they shared the different infrastructure and safety oversight. Does this financial firm have the expertise to make sure cutting up one arm and selling the other won’t have nuclear safety consequences? It probably looks good profit wise, at least for the foreign competitors. Which beg the question, in whose pocket are these politicians in?

      Comment by cyberwanderer — June 18, 2009 @ 4:58 pm | Reply

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