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May 28, 2009

Harper Selling AECL To Foreign Company?

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Came across an interesting news today that the about to be profitable part of AECL will be sold to private firm. French company Areva being a top contender. Coincidentally I just wrote a blog criticizing May for virtually lobbying for Areva and Mulroney’s selling out the profitable medical isotopes business of AECL to private firm which is a major factor for the isotope crisis right now.  What is it with government tendency to sell off an about to be profitable part of government’s business. Petro Canada, Medical Isotopes, and now with Ontario awarding building of nuclear plant to AECL, then Harper will just give away those profit to a foreign firm? The first two (Petro and Isotope) are courtesy of Mulroney.

BTW, the rush to privatize would mean government is expected to lose money since the property value is down right now. The government would allow the foreign firm who buy AECL to dump the Canadian designed nuclear plant currently used in Canada and around the world.

There’s speculation that Flaherty is doing what he did in Ontario. Selling out government asset for short term benefit of covering the deficit.  But Harper have been planning the sell long before the recession. So I don’t think it’s simply selling for the deficit.

The cynical part of me can’t help but think there’s a Schreiber type lobbyist handing out cash to government officials to encourage this sell out.


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  1. […] using the isotope crisis that they were partly responsible for, all in an attempt to justify their attempts to sell AECL to their foreign competitors.  China and India are set to build more nuclear plant with China being a likely repeat customer […]

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