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May 26, 2009

Is May Lobbying for Areva?

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Is May lobbying for Areva and other foreign bidders to build Ontario’s nuclear plant? She asked McGuinty not to award the project to AECL because their nuclear reactor does not work. And suggesting they don’t know what they are doing. It’s understandable that Neil Alexandre, the President of organization of CANDU (the reactor designed by AECL that’s been working fine around the world) called May’s comment:

“It’s a complete lie and it’s not actually substantiated by any fact,”

A lie that would only benefit the foreign bidders. Other reactor were built in Korea and China and they were completed ahead of time and under the budget.  Unfortunately there’s so many misinformation going around and May just joined in the fray either misinformed, or like Andre said “lying”.

The reactor involved in the isotope crisis is one of the first few reactors built while Canada was one of the leading players in the world stage in the field of science and research. It’s a very old reactor. Would May be happy if they did not shutdown the reactor possibly compromising safety? There was supposed to be a new reactor built to replace it. But the government sold out hefty profit that AECL used to get from these medical isotopes to private firm MDS Nordion.  Then AECL was forced to built a new reactor which would mainly benefit MDS Nordion financially while the project was underfunded. To find out more detail about past government actions, check out my old blog that discussed in depth the Harper’s CNSC boondangle and AECL’s underfunding.

If there’s anyone to blame, it’s the past government Liberal and Conservative alike for many years of neglect.  So May said don’t award the contract to AECL , which is based in Ontario. Just award it to the foreign competitors, some with dubious safety record? To think at one point in the past, I thought the Green Party could be a viable alternative to the current duopoly of Liberal and Conservative federal government.



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  3. While I would not disagree with you about political sway on Areva vs. CANDU, I feel obliged to state that the concerns raised about Ms. May prevaricating in her remarks.

    The actual CANDU design being proposed for the next plant in Ontario is the ACR-1000 (Advanced CANDU Reactor, 1000 MWe output).

    It is a GenIII+ design and has not been built or operated. The established designs up and running are the GenIII CANDU6 design (700 MWe output).

    While the ACR-1000 looks great “on paper”, it is not a proven design. The AREVA unit has an established GenIII+ PWR (Pressurized Water Reactor) design and far deeper design, operating and maintenance records.

    So, on that front, at least on paper, taxpayers could be better served with an “established” design, not just one on paper and modeled in computers.

    Just some food for thought for your blogosphere.


    Comment by Steve Richard — June 5, 2009 @ 1:47 pm | Reply

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