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January 15, 2009

Israel-Gaza Conflict Summary V

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Part 5 of series of summaries on the current Israel-Gaza conflict based on various news sources from the past few days. Links to other parts: part 1, part 2, part 3, part 4

Jan 13
Heavy clashes were reported on several sides of the Gaza city’s outskirts.

Hamas released video of Israeli soldier hit by sniper fire.

Israel claims lots of houses are booby trapped but they are using sniffing dog to detect them. There’s seems to be an elaborate network of tunnel build under houses.

Jan 14
Rocket launched from Lebanon hitting open area in northern Israel. Lebanese army dismantled three rockets sets to be fired. It was not clear if Hezbollah or Al Qaeda linked group was involve. Hezbollah have denied rockets fired from Lebanon earlier in the Gaza conflict. However, Hezbollah does not seem to be patrolling nor making effort to stop the rocket fire.

Pro-Palestinian protesters in Lebanon forced Beirut Starbucks to close.

Israel deploy troops along the Lebanon border.

Bin Laden released tape calling for Jihad on Israel. Secular Syria warned Bin Laden is trying to convert Palestinian and Arabs to his ideology and this conflict would only promotes extremism.

Jan 15
Israel bomb hit UN aid warehouse destroying much needed food and medical aid. Another bomb hit the media center for international broadcaster.

Jerusalem Post report that crackdown against Hamas have been launched jointly between Israel’s IDF and Palestinian Fatah. Pro-Hamas university students have been arrested and other known supporters rounded up. Palestinian journalist covering the operation have been beaten by Fatah police, according to the report. Hamas called for Intifada against Fatah.

Israel gave media a controlled tour away from sites of combat.

Israel successfully killed another Hamas leader.

Hamas rockets continued to be fired into Israel.

BBC and CBC report that Israel might be carrying out last ditch push before possible ceasefire.

Israel’s neo right wing war hawk Netanyahu is reported to be the favorite in Israel election next month,  according to BBC.

/end of summary

Again a word of caution. Accounts of he says she says between Hamas and Israel are hard to confirm due to total blockade against press and media by Israel.

Came across one old news from January 10 which reported a boy in hospital recounting events to Reuters. The boy claim Israeli soldier landing from helicopters herded them into a building. Hours later the building was bombed. Red Cresecent was finally allowed to go to the site by Israel after long period of waiting time. Red Crescent claimed that when they arrived, the children were starving and was too weak to stand up.
Red Crescent criticized Israel for “unacceptable” delay in permitting rescue efforts. (source: Irish Times)

Older men declare war. But it’s the youth who must fight and die.  – Herbert Hoover


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  1. January 15th –

    “Israel successfully killed another Hamas leader.”

    “Accounts of he says she says between Hamas and Israel are hard to confirm due to total blockade against press and media by Israel.”

    I think everyone should start paying attention to and Both have up to the minute play by play of the goings on in Lebanon as Hezbollah attempts to wrangle the coming elections and push for a world wide Civil Disobedience campaign using ANSWER and the Muslim Brotherhood network of CAIR and MAS and highline figures like Cynthia McKinney to spur an America and Europe wide protest against Israel. Zionism will be labeled Racism in all of these demonstrations. As to your comments above, look at this article about the Hamas Leader that was killed today.

    This was not just any man. How often do we hear about the “Executive Force”? Look at who is reporting the news…Al Quds – a Hamas Station in Beirut.

    Just thought it might interest you.

    Gary H. Johnson, Jr.

    Comment by huntingnasrallah — January 15, 2009 @ 10:07 pm | Reply

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