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January 12, 2009

Israel-Gaza Conflict Summary IV – Jan 12 2009

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Early in the day, an Israeli official said the end of the offensive might be near. Israeli military spokesman claim they have destroyed 200 or 2/3 of the smuggling tunnels. One Hamas leader dispute Israel’s claim of nearing its goal claiming Israel “have totally failed”.

Report put estimates of Palestinians dead at more than 900 in the 18th day of conflict. Half of them is estimated to be civilians, about 277 children. 4,100 have been wounded. Ten Israeli soldiers have been killed including three civilians.

22 rockets hit Israel yesterday.

Hamas claims Israel is trying to cover up their casualties by trying to label some deaths as friendly fire and accidents.

International news like Malaysia Star is reporting that Israel is using white phosphorous which creates white clouds that disperses to area the size of two footballs fields. It creates “the most painful injury and death, burning skin to the bone” (it goes very deep into the body and cannot be controlled). International law prohibit its use against civilian. UN Human Rights Council adopted a resolution accusing Israel of “grave” human rights violation against Palestinians.

AFP is reporting a fierce battle between Israel and Hamas, as Israel moves deeper into Gaza. Hamas claim they have destroyed two tanks and killed number of Israeli soldiers. Israel denied the claim.

Hamas leader Ismail Haniya went on television to proclaim that they are approaching victory and claim Gaza will not fall. He also said the blood of the children killed would serve as a “curse which will come back to haunt” Bush.

Hamas claim it would only agree to a ceasefire if the blockade of Gaza (installed since they were elected to power) ends.

Later in the day, Israel said they would only agree to a ceasefire when Hamas rocket stopped and they are prevented from rearming.

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