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January 4, 2009

Israel-Gaza Conflict Summary Jan. 4 ’09

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Ground incursion began as night approaches on Jan 3, 2009. Israeli attack started at open space then moved into urban area. About 30 Israeli injured with about 2 critically. Israeli military claim these are inflicted by mortar rather than face to face combat.

During the day, an Israeli soldier was killed by gunfire. One Israeli official claim hundreds of Hamas gunmen have been killed and denied there is any humanitarian crisis in Gaza. Other news sources quoted another Israeli official as saying dozens of Hamas militants were killed.

Reuters reported at least 34 Palestinian, most of them civilians, were killed. Bringing the Gaza death toll to more than 500 with about 2,450 injured.

Air siren continue to sound as more Hamas rockets were fired into Israel making civilians scrumble for cover, including New York Mayor Bloomberg who was visiting Israel.

Palestinian leave their windows open despite the winter cold to prevent broken flying glass from windows as Israeli bombs and shells shake their houses.

Israel law enforcement open fire on Palestinian protester in West bank killing at least one person. Israel claim protester threw rock and burning tires at them.

BBC quoted Nicolas Pelham of the ICG (Int’l Crisis Group) as saying that getting rid of Hamas won’t guarantee rocket attack would stop. In fact there were more rockets being fired during “era of chaos” before Hamas takeover.

Israel claim: Hamas have been firing rocket into Israel leaving them no other choice but to respond.
Hamas claim: Israeli have been blockading Gaza making life difficult so they have no other choice but to defend themselves.
Joint Israeli and Arabs protesting againts the war in Tel Aviv claim: getting rid of Hamas won’t be achieved through war but by giving hope to the hopeless state of livelihood on Gaza.

/end of summary

With Hamas sure to take advantage of urban warfare in areas densely populated by civilians and Israel shells and bombs that does not discriminate between militants and civilians, carnage in Gaza with innocent civilians as the victim could only get much much worse.

Dueling opposite sides of protest in Toronto’s Dundas Square. News video shows pro-Israeli side calling the other side terrorist. I would not be caught in such a rally of being on one or the other side. If there’s a rally against war and against civilian casualties for both sides then let me know. Those two sides seems petty with name calling such as “terrorist” or “child killer”. None of the people in the rally have direct control of what is going on there. These name callings are only playing into the hands of those who thirst for war. It promotes hates and divisions. It’s a step backwards from civil society to human’s basic beast instinct practiced by barbarian and savages.

People under attack resort to extremism. Developed countries like America is no exception. After September 11, Americans so easily gave up their civil liberties and readily condone torture in seeking payback for being attacked.

“If we do not end war – war will end us.  Everybody says that, millions of people believe it, and nobody does anything”.  – H.G. Wells

This is 2nd part of a summary on Israel-Gaza conflicts based on television, newspaper and online news sources.

1st part:  Summary of 2009 Israel-Gaza Conflict So Far



  1. thank you for the summaries… i appreciate it!!

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