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December 7, 2008

Ignatieff: One Member One Vote Plan Unconstitutional

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Looks like Ignatieff is against giving the grass roots a voice in the selection of the next Liberal leader. While Liberal executive is poised to consider one member one vote using phone and internet, Ignatieff vehemently opposed a quick end to the leadership race. Instead he wants a prolong race with an interim leader elected by the caucus, where he enjoy a large support, instead of giving the Liberal grass roots a voice. Expect Ignatieff spin machine to go into high gear in trying to discredit the one member one vote, phone and internet voting, and prevent it from coming into effect.

Sources say the proposal to accelerate the leadership vote is based on the party’s constitutional provisions for reviewing a leader’s performance.

Every member would get a vote in their ridings, with all 308 ridings given equal weight.

source: CP News

Update: Dec 7, 8:15 pm EST

I think it would be better if Dion stay on and call an accelerated leadership review with a referendum type question of if not him, who among the two leadership contender would they choose. They can then use internet and phone to get everyone involve. Dion just quitting and leaving it to caucus to duke it out and shut out the grass roots would create a prolong bickering and back sniping again.

Obama: U.S. Automakers Needs Conditioned Assistance

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Obama does not agree with putting the big three automakers through bankruptcy court. He propose restructuring and assistance, with stringent conditions attached. I think a possible mid way approach might be to allow some sort of merger and promote GM’s electric car Chevy Volt. This could be incorporated into Obama’s planned massive infrastructure projects to kick start the economy. Charging stations could be built and subsidies and tax breaks offered to help propel the sale of these electric cars.

Increased Interest About CTV’s Biasness

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Judging by the search terms used to get to My CTV Boycott page, a lot of people are starting to question CTV’s integrity, through search terms like “CTV’s pro Harper”, “CTV fox news”, “CTV pro conservative” or “CTV bias”. Excited Delirium blog have suggested few actions we can take to send the message that we won’t tolerate such unabashed biasness.

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