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December 4, 2008

Harper Accused of Inciting Mob Rule

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Constitutional experts have warned that the decision by the Governor General would set a very dangerous precedent. Future PM can use proroguing to avoid being defeated by the majority in Parliament.  Political Scientist were quoted as saying:

That rhetoric will exacerbate tensions across the country, especially in Quebec and in Western Canada, during the two-month period before Parliament resumes on Jan. 26, Mendes said.

Dennis Pilon, a political scientist from the University of Victoria, said in a letter to CBC that he is “deeply worried” about the country heading into a “potentially violent situation.”

“I do not mean to be alarmist in suggesting we may be heading for violence. But the actions of this prime minister are coming dangerously close to inciting mob rule,” writes Pilon.

He says Harper has ramped up the heat by insinuating his opponents are attacking Canada’s democracy and risking national unity for their own gain.

source: CBC

Meanwhile, a Liberal MP was disgruntled and upset because Dion’s video look amateurish and came too late for one network to show. Which network was that? CTV? I channel surf to Global and saw Dion’s clip there and they apologize for the delay due to technical difficulties. So how’s that Dion’s fault? CBC and CityTV showed it and commented on it. So the only channel I did not watch is CTV, Harper’s Network. Who shot Dion’s video anyway? I can’t believe a Liberal MP would make such a big fuzz about minor details and ignore the bigger issue of Harper having just defecated on our democracy. Dion is turning over the leadership to whoever win in Spring. MP Jim Karygiannis can sit and wait because whichever leader he is backing would have to win the race first. Just what was he smoking today?

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