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December 3, 2008

Harper, The Tyrant’s Game of Deception

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Star published an old letter of the Conservative and Bloc deal on working together against the Liberal government. Bloc leader Gilles Duceppe held the letter up in Parliament today.

There is nothing wrong with opposition working together. What is so wrong is the hypocrisy of Harper in trying to label the opposition coalition as traitors for dealing with the Bloc. Harper is trying to create an artificial crisis. Coalition government are normal occurrences in democracies across Europe.

Make sure none of your friend remain politically ignorant. Spare no effort on explaining and clarifying the lies being spread by Harper and the ones he is about to repeat in a few minutes, at his scheduled 7 pm speech tonight. In a futile attempt to stay in power, he plan to shutdown the government and stop governing until next year. He would do this amidst signs of economic troubles at our country’s doorstep.

In a democracy, majority rules. Only tyrants would create a crisis,  and the country be dammed, just so he can keep his grip on power.  From now on, any of my blog about Harper will have the blog tag “Harper the tyrant”.

Link to the Conservative, Bloc deal at The Star



  1. […] And getting a gauge of the biasness in airwaves, ahem CTV. I have been boycotting them and while channel surfing, stopped by for less than a minute. Saw Lloyd Robertson. Then Craig Oliver. He must be responding to Lloyd’s question. He went on to paint Liberal as bwing in disarray and fearful of weak Dion. Needless to say I continue on to other channel. It’s still the same CTV alright. Harper’s propaganda channel. From the people I talked to, other channels commentators have spoken unkindly of Harper’s gimmick. Seems like most of the media have awaken, save for few Harpersites that are still clinging on to the sinking ship of Harper, who is looking more and more like a tyrant. […]

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  2. Right On! Harper must go. They got rid of Blair and Bush, now it’s our turn. We’re counting on the GG to do the right thing.

    Comment by rogerhollander — December 4, 2008 @ 10:56 am | Reply

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