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December 1, 2008

Conservative Would Rather Paralyze Canada’s Government

Conservative would rather close down Canada’s government until new year to avoid the coalition government from governing. That’s what it basically means when they talked about proroguing the parliament. As if it’s not bad enough that they have no contingency plan to help our economy and is constantly on denial. And as North American stock market plunge and Canada’s economy is headed for a hard landing, Harper with self interest in mind is considering closing down and disabling Canada’s government from functioning during this crucial time for our country.

Conservative MP Vic Toews said:

“I certainly would prefer that route to turning it over to a coalition of parties that said they would never form a coalition,” Toews said. “Their intention is to not recognize the democratic will of the Canadian people.”

Mr. Toews, majority of those who voted in the last election have chosen a progressive party and shun your Conservative party. You recognize it’s the future of Canada we are talking about but is willing to paralyze Canada’s government just to save your own skin.

Another Conservative MP Jim Prentice acknowledge that Conservative will do everything including taking Canada’s government hostage just so they can stay in power for another month.

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