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November 20, 2008

Canadian Deficit is Harper’s Doing, Not Recession

Read Runesmith’s blog today and she mentioned parliamentary budget officer Kevin Page coming forward to claim that the Canadian deficit we will be getting shortly is due to Harper’s policy and has nothing to do with the recession. It’s good to have a non-partisan bureaucrats come out with the truth. We will be in deficit even before the full effect of recession hit us. Thanks to Harper and Flaherty’s policies.

Based on past experiences, any bureaucrat who dare speak the truth and criticize Harper would be smeared and labeled a Liberal hacks. With Parliament back in session, it would be interesting to see how he would react if confronted by the oppositions.

Update 8:50 EST:

Harper’s remark that should raise concern are: when he talk about government cutbacks because of recession and Government should not take advantage of the recession to push their ideological agenda.  Harper being the liar that he is have been known to say “should not” or “will not” when he meant “should” and “will do”.  So expect him to take advantage of the recession to push his ideological agenda of cutting social programs.

In other news, Bob Rae reach out to bloggers. Promote free membership. “Very strongly in favour” of one member one vote. Endorse Liberal 308 like the other two candidates. I would like to see if Dominic Leblanc would reach out to bloggers also. I really couldn’t care less what Ignatieff do.


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