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November 2, 2008

Sarah Palin Got Punk’d Part Deux

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Sarah Palin fall for another prank. Actually it’s more of a false report by a site known to distort news. She seized on a distorted news that alleged interview tape of Obama about coal plants was hidden and is only being released now. The truth is the link to the audio have been available online for a long time and was not hidden. She got her supporter so riled up asking them why this was hidden. Her supporter yelled back “Liberal media”.

Too bad the campaign is almost over. The Sarah Palin comedy show is about to end,  unless some serious voting irregularity manage to put them ahead of Obama. Now McCain is seizing on that to spin it to claim Obama is going to totally stop all coal industry. Which as Obama said in that same audio interview that “this notion of no coal, I think is an illusion”.

Link to the news about the hidden audio coal comment that never was. sfgate and CNN.

Link to previous radio prank:

Listen to the audio here (link to TPM) or read the transcript here (link to Canadian Press Transcript).


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