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November 2, 2008

Kennedy and Liberal’s 308 Campaign

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Personally I would like to see Kennedy get in on the Liberal leadership race (h/t CalgaryGrit). Right now our choices are only Ignatieff and Rae and they act like either one of them is the destined leader of the Liberal party. Kennedy might be the best one to lead Liberal on the 308 campaign. He offers a fresh perspective on politics in contrast to the status quo that Ignatieff and Rae would bring. A young smart politician who could be a pioneer would catch peoples attention and make them contribute en masse. It was grassroots contributions to Obama that allows him to surpass McCain in campaign contributions. And when you have cash, you are more able to afford ad space to tear down the lies of the cash rich governing party like Harper’s Conservative. And that’s how Democracy should work. The more popular guy would gain more grassroots contributions. Sort of like the best novel will have the most sale and earn the most. I don’t see Rae and Ignatieff igniting people’s imagination. Add a Harper’s Bush style swift boating, smear campaign or character assassination similar to what was done to Dion, Kerry, Al Gore, Dalton McGuinty, then we would just see Canadians being turned off again. Possibly handing Harper his much coveted majority via turning as much Liberal voter off as possible.

Kennedy will also be subjected to character assassination. But he will be able to hit back. Especially if he have enough funds from running the 308 campaign successfully. The Liberal 308 campaign looks promising. But until there’s a suitable leader, who could successfully rally people to him and for them to think he/she is worth contributing their hard earned money to, it won’t succeed the way Obama did. While I agree with some people who argue that we don’t need a messiah as the next leader of Liberal party, I believe we do need someone who can bring a fresh perspective.

This is not an endorsement of Kennedy in this early stage of the race but simply an exploration of the possibilities and alternatives to Ignatieff and Rae. Too crowded fields won’t be good but neither is duopoly.


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