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November 1, 2008

Early U.S. Voting Irregularity, Machine Bug or Cheating?

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Report from early voting seems to indicate another voting confusion similar to the Florida skewed ballot. Voters using voting machine reported that their vote for Obama was registered as a vote for McCain. (h/t SruffyDan). Officials response? It’s the voters fault. Deja Vu all over again. In Florida, officials blame the seniors for being senile to not understand a “simple” ballot. Media made fun of the voter like they were stupid.

Back in February 4, 2008, during the Democratic primary, I expressed concern about discrepancies in e-voting. (link to previous blogs). I am afraid this time, if Obama lose, all hell might break loose. Bush consecutive win in two elections were a very close race and although there were many irregularities, it was a close race. There’s a big difference this time around. With Obama maintaining a wide margin in polls and people yearning for change, if he loses, people will take to the street convince that they’ve been cheated. With hard economic times ahead and voters in a foul mood, I doubt voters would let this pass easily. We might see a repeat, or worse, of scenes similar to protesters throwing eggs at Bush motorcade (before September 11 reverses Bush tanking popularity). If that happens, it would be strongest indication yet that America’s democracy is broken and is in need of an overhaul. People feeling alienated and a long bad recession might contribute to the creation of a perfect storm. Revolution (not necessary the bloody kind), happens when several factors comes together that prod people to rise up and say, enough is enough!

Another familiar Florida county involved in past election irregularities is in the news again. Broward County is mentioned as one of the places where there was an elaborate attempt to mislead Democrats voters. The Campaign to mislead Democrats voters includes a phone call from an election supervisor impersonator saying voter have the option to vote by phone. Another campaign involved flyers being distributed in Virginia saying due to large number of voters, Democrats will be voting on November 5th. It might sounds silly but you would be surprised how many people do fall for that. Perhaps the Republicans hope that if it becomes a close race in Florida and other states, the few misled Democrat voters would help makes Obama lose some vital votes. (source: Wired Magazine Blog)



  1. It is not fair that Democrats who tend to dominate in urban areas are allowed to have almost 2 weeks of early voting. The suburbs and rural areas who tend to vote Republicans only have one day to vote, thus imagine if there was bad weather or the like on that one day.

    Comment by Helen — November 2, 2008 @ 4:00 pm | Reply

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