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November 30, 2008

Liberal’s Moment of Truth

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The time has come for the moment of truth. Will Liberal work to form a coalition government or would the leadership contenders retreat for fear that their leadership race might get sidetrack? I observe with interest Ignatieff’s attempt to distance himself from any talk of coalition. Will their personal ambition blind them to what’s good for our country?

Would we see shifty Mike strike again with double speaking to the media? Same goes for the other Shifty Mike at Con TV.

Harper’s Watergate Scandal?

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NDP intend to pursue criminal charges against Harper’s Conservatives for illegally recording their conversation. (link to CP news). I am not surprised if Harper is indeed involved in illegal wiretapping or recording. Remember the Jewish greeting card scandal? If not, don’t miss this Ottawa Citizens news from October 2007 >> “Many Jews Unsettled Over Harper Holiday Greetings“. There’s still the unsettled question of how Harper’s men were able to figure out who the Jews were and send them greeting cards. With Health, Revenue Canada and Census records at their finger tips, it is indeed a cause for concern if you are a critic of  a government who will stop at nothing to get at their opponent.

And guess who is on top of spreading the tape for Harper? CTV, the con tv.

November 27, 2008

Harper’s Attempt At Bankrupting The Opposition

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Just as I predicted in one of my previous blog, when Harper said government should not use the economic hard times to push their ideological agenda, he is actually thinking of doing exactly just that. Harper’s demonstrated with his “fiscal update” that he intend to use the economy as an excuse to corner the opposition. I have nothing more to add to what have already been said.

Read the Canadian Press news (link to CP news article about Harper’s plan to bankrupt the opposition) and numerous informative blogs on on what could turn out to be a historic moment in Canadian history.

I agree with Scott’s Diatribe and what Jerad Gallinger have mentioned. I believe the Liberal and NDP should be allowed to form a coalition government. They have to include Bloc Quebecois and come up with a set number of policies they can focus and agree on for a year and go from there.

Read Peterborough Politics and Impolitical blog to see how this could play out.

We might end up having a coalition government that would work together to see us through during this hard economic times. This would be much better than a Harper’s government whose concern is not a genuine fix to the economic ills. Harper’s only concern is to constantly think of strategy to undermine the opposition on his quest for a majority government. He almost succeeded in the last election with the lowest voter turnout in Canadian history.

November 22, 2008

Beginning of Harper’s Smear Campaign Against CBC?

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It looks like Harper’s plan to cut funding to CBC, which some have predicted, have already begun. Impolitical blog cited CBC’s defense of Harper’s Heritage Minister attack against them.  CBC accused James Moore of putting things out of context. So what’s new? The master manipulators, from school of Bush/Karl Rove/John Howard, main weapon have always been taking things out of context to smear their target.

Sure, get rid of CBC so that they can have almost virtual monopoly of the national air waves through their propaganda arm CTV (Canada’s Tory’s Voice). I am still boycotting them by the way and would probably do so for the forseeable future.

November 20, 2008

Canadian Deficit is Harper’s Doing, Not Recession

Read Runesmith’s blog today and she mentioned parliamentary budget officer Kevin Page coming forward to claim that the Canadian deficit we will be getting shortly is due to Harper’s policy and has nothing to do with the recession. It’s good to have a non-partisan bureaucrats come out with the truth. We will be in deficit even before the full effect of recession hit us. Thanks to Harper and Flaherty’s policies.

Based on past experiences, any bureaucrat who dare speak the truth and criticize Harper would be smeared and labeled a Liberal hacks. With Parliament back in session, it would be interesting to see how he would react if confronted by the oppositions.

Update 8:50 EST:

Harper’s remark that should raise concern are: when he talk about government cutbacks because of recession and Government should not take advantage of the recession to push their ideological agenda.  Harper being the liar that he is have been known to say “should not” or “will not” when he meant “should” and “will do”.  So expect him to take advantage of the recession to push his ideological agenda of cutting social programs.

In other news, Bob Rae reach out to bloggers. Promote free membership. “Very strongly in favour” of one member one vote. Endorse Liberal 308 like the other two candidates. I would like to see if Dominic Leblanc would reach out to bloggers also. I really couldn’t care less what Ignatieff do.

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