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October 29, 2008

The Rise Of A Progressive Government In U.S.

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Barring any unforeseen circumstances, it is looking more and more likely that U.S. is headed toward a new era of progressive government. It might even have a majority not only in the Congress but also in the Senate, which could help expedite the implementation of policies that would see America move forward in this new century. As Robert Creamer over at Huffington Post points out, the era that would usher a shift toward clean energy economy is at hand. A Progressive government would restore their neglected and degraded education system. It would indeed speaks volume of what America really stands for. Not the bullying minority like KKK and George Bush who gave America a bad name. On November 4, 2008, the silent majority might not be silent nor apathetic anymore. The whole world could only benefit from this. It is probably for this reason that Harper wanted an early election. Because the progressive tide would swept the world and his adopted Bush/Howard divisive politics of hate, if it does not become extinct, would be effectively neutralized and isolated. The last bastion of ultra right wing government of selfishness and greed is about to fall. Just as Fox News is increasingly becoming irrelevant in America, we have to make sure that their Canadian counterpart CTV does not get away with Rovian and Hannity style propaganda.

Here’s hoping for a successful transition comes November 4.


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