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October 26, 2008

Harper’s Rush To Free Trade

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As the world is roiling in deep economic crisis, Harper professes that the solution would be to get into free trade with Europe in a hurry. There is nothing wrong with a free trade if negotiated fairly and studied carefully. But judging by Harper’s past action, he is the worst guy to represent Canada in a negotiating table. He so readily gave up Canada’s treasured research like CanadArm and promptly abandoned a court case we were expected to win, which would get us back our billions of dollars in softwood duties illegally collected by the U.S. (link to: How Harper Helped Bush Money Launder Softwood Lumber duties). Now Globe and Mail, a subsidiary of CTV (which I am boycotting for blatant Fox News style bias), seems to be trying to sell us on an idea of expanded free trade with U.S. with Harper there to lead the way (h/t Galloping Beaver). John Ibbitson of Globe and Mail proposes that we give away our regulation on our financial services claiming we would not get swallowed by U.S. and his proof is that there are lots of TD bank branches south of our border. He also claim we should negotiate a deal that will restrict ourselves by giving Alberta’s oil exclusively to the U.S., in exchange for their investment in oil sands environmental projects.

Ibbitson also explained how to get Canadians on side. He said the “nationalist rabble in Canada will howl”. He seems to think that as long as Harper is negotiating with a Democrats in U.S. (i.e. Obama), Canadian would more readily give in.

Read Galloping Beaver blog on his opinion about the Globe and Mail piece.


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