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October 22, 2008

Harper’s Twist and Shout As Stock and Dollar Falls

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Harper is about to do another of his twist and shout. Twist the truth and shout and blame the opposition for his screw up. A Canadian press article mentioned how Conservative might be planning to blame the opposition for the deficits. (h/t Impolitical).  I’ll bet Harper went into the election already knowing there is a deficit. Now that he won, there is really no way to find out if we are already in deficit or not. Remember, he has Flaherty to do his magic like he did when hiding the deficit in Ontario. But this time they don’t have to worry about being found out. So they can claim there’s no deficit this year and delay revealing the deficit or part of it until next year.

Opposition should be wary of Harper’s offer of working together on economy. If he is sincere, he should take up Layton offer of meeting and briefing the opposition on the current state of our economy. The opposition should go further and demand that they should be briefed by the non-political bureaucrat experts in privy council. If Harper continue to be non transparent, the opposition should demand an independent audit to make sure they don’t get trick to geting share of the blame while being deprived of inside information. They need accurate financial condition of our country without the influence of partisan politics and Flaherty’s deficit disappearing act.

Another Harper’s problem might come calling soon. A possible perjury charge for lying under oath and  claiming the Cadman tape, which exposed his parties offering bribe to a dying man, was doctored. It turns out it was not. So what kind of twist and shout move would he do? Would he withdraw the court case he filed against Liberal party claiming our country need to put that behind? If not, it would be interesting to see how the case proceed. Could he be found guilty instead of perjury and offering bribe? Looks like if his case is allowed to proceed, more and more evidence would appear against him. That would be quite interesting. His move to sue Liberal party seems like a nice political theatrics at that time but in the long run, facts will be revealed and his million dollar disinformation ad won’t be able to help him in a court of law. I guess Harper better find a new dance step pretty soon.


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