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October 20, 2008

Ignatieff Adopting Dion’s Leadership Contest Environmental Focus?

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Would Ignatieff be borrowing Dion’s leadership contest platform, and use environment for his leadership contest? Ignatieff released an e-mail saying “Thanks to Dion, Environment will be at the front of Liberal’s platform for years to come”. That’s interesting since Ignatieff was undermining Dion’s environment platform during the campaign by double speaking. He would seems to be defending Dion then say something that seem to question him all in one breath. Instead of wholeheartedly defending Dion on his environmental plan during the campaign, Ignatieff claim at that time that Dion would not back down from his environment plan because he banked his career on it. Ignatieff on several occassions in a so called defense of Dion only created more confusion. This Globe and Mail article is just one latest instances that occurred during the campaign.

Liberal says they need to beef up fund raising and is seeking contributions in the coming months. But there is really no leader right now among the roster of “Liberal Elites” that would make me fork out my hard earned money. I certainly am not going to give it to Liberal party which could end up electing the likes of Ignatieff as their leader. So until I saw someone worth supporting, I’ll just contribute to Green Party and help build up a new party free from cronyism and elitism.


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