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October 19, 2008

Media Finally Talking Facts About Dion’s Carbon Tax

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Media failed to do its job of informing the electorates on real facts during the election. This of course does not include CTV, who did not only not do its job but acted like Harper’s propaganda network. Now is saying the Conservative and NDP’s demonization of Dion’s carbon tax is a huge setback for fighting climate change. Prominent economist backed Dion’s carbon tax because it is less costly to implement and would be more transparent than cap and trade. These economist were also warning about what Dion have said. They warned that the winner of U.S. presidential election will be implementing carbon tax so this could lead to something akin to softwood-lumber type trade dispute, but magnified to our whole economy. This belie Harper’s deceptive claim that choosing to fight climate change is bad for the economy.

It’s so very nice for some of the media to finally talk about the facts on Dion’s carbon tax now that their chosen leader have been elected. A win achieved by Swiftboating Dion. (h/t The Gazetteer).

I know Dion is being cornered by the whispering Judas in Liberal party. They claim they would not vote with Dion. So are they saying they would vote with Harper in an attempt to force Dion out? Why don’t they just cross the floor and join Harper. Harper just need 10 seats to get a majority. Maybe Liberal would finally be united and no more whispering and backstabbing. Then the voter can pass their judgment on them and Harper after their four year is up.

Join the grassroots Liberal in their fight against these traitors. Join the march tomorrow, the facebook or sign the petition.


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  1. Fortunately, I did not have to rely on the media for my information on The Green Shift. I read it for myself on the Liberal Party website. Several things caught my attention. First, is that the carbon tax is a “sin tax.” The purpose is to penalize emitters of carbon and to encourage them to reduce their carbon emissions. On the other hand, the largest amount of the carbon tax would go to fund new social spending. So, what happens when the carbon emitters “go and sin no more?” Less carbon tax coming into government, less money available to continue funding the new social spending. How will those programs be funded then?

    If the Liberals had proposed to spend the entire carbon tax to reduce carbon emissions, on new technologies, on improved public transport, and education, then some of us might have bought into it. As it stood, it was a tax trap waiting to catch us all.

    If carbon is bad, then why not tax it all? Instead, the Liberal plan left out major emitters while including others. Otherwise, the carbon burden would just shift from the taxed carbon to the untaxed.

    Good point about the media. They rarely get the story straight. Ralph Klein was right. The folks in the media are lazy

    Comment by Michael — October 28, 2008 @ 1:26 pm | Reply

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