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October 18, 2008

If Dion Is Forced To Resign, I Want My Vote Changed

Lesson of this whole Dion lynching and back stabbing incident is anyone who dare venture outside the traditional politician’s club and have a unique and progressive vision for Canada will be character assassinated. And instead of being defended by party mates, he will be left and fed to the wolves.  The person’s party members will circle like vultures waiting for an opportunity to usurp his throne.

I will most likely be voting Green next time unless Liberal elected a no BS progressive minded leader. Sorry Ignatieff, I said progressive not Harper-like double speaking leader. And with these sleazy and corrupt “party insiders” in control, I won’t hold my breath. I would vote for Green party even if they have no chance of forming a government. It would help increase their share of funding and take it away from the regressive status quo party. We need a more diverse political landscape lest we fall into the same quagmire as the highly divisive Democrats and Republicans. Both U.S. political parties can’t get along, and act like they are so different from each other, but both just cater to lobbyist and corporation’s interest resulting in uncontrolled greed and an economic crisis to be paid for by taxpayers. Sadly, Americans are stuck with only this two party. I am all for the tax cut Dion supported for corporations since we have to acknowledge the big role they play in employment and our economy. But Enron and World Comm, and innumerous scam from big corporations that follows them, is preventable if government do their duty. I used to have a naive notion as a kid that corporations have enough check and audit in place that they are incorruptible. But loosen the watchdog on big corporations and greed takes over. Cut funding to water and food inspection all in the name of less government, then you could have more Walkerton and Listeriosis.

I would want my vote changed if Dion is forced to quit (If only there is a way to do that). I voted for him and not blindly for Liberal party, who are increasingly being taken over by selfish, corrupt, and power hungry “Senior” Liberals.



  1. Cyberwanderer,

    I am a supporter of the Liberal Party of Canada and of Stéphane Dion. I was very inspired by the classy, substantive campaign that Mr. Dion ran during the election. Although our party did poorly I feel this was not so much a reflection on Mr. Dion as on a number of other factors (lack of election preparation due to snap election; internal dissension within the LPC, collusion between Stephen Harper and Jack Layton against Dion, negative advertising, the politics of fear, etc.)

    Now that the election is over and loyal Liberal volunteers are exhausted and inattentive, certain “anonymous senior liberals” aided by a hostile right-wing media are trying to force Mr. Dion out of his leadership position without even giving a chance for ordinary Liberal members to consider whether this is in the interests of our party or Canadian democracy. They present this as a fait accompli. They say that Mr. Dion is isolated and finished politically. What they do not realize though is that Mr. Dion is NOT isolated. Grassroots Liberals were energized and inspired by his campaign, by the Green Shift, by his refusal to play politics as usual. We do not believe that engaging in another self-destructive round of LPC leadership politics will serve our party or the country well. What we need to do now is to serve Canadians by concentrating on our role of official Opposition. We need to think seriously as a party about why we lost this election and how we can better organize ourselves to win the support of Canadian voters next time. We will not let this leadership coup succeed without being heard from.

    Go here to learn more about what we are doing and to join the revolt:

    Best regards,
    Jean Proulx

    Comment by Jean Proulx — October 19, 2008 @ 3:33 am | Reply

  2. Thanks Jean, All the best and good luck. Wish I could be in Ottawa for the Stornoway march. These Whispering Judas can’t succeed.

    Comment by cyberwanderer — October 19, 2008 @ 10:20 pm | Reply

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