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October 14, 2008

$300 million plus Harper’s Pork Barrel, all for naught

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Canadian taxpayers are $300 million poorer thanks to Harper. This is only the approximate cost of running an election and does not even account for pork barrel / vote buying spending of Harper. Harper might try to push through one of his minor pet bill as confidence motion again, in hopes that opposition won’t dare vote it down and force another election so soon.  If that happens, I hope the opposition pre-empt the introduction of the bill by joining forces and forming a coalition government. Then they can have joint goal of overseeing a change of the electoral system to a fairer one that would be more proportional to the popular vote. Then we won’t have to see false majority and hear about strategic voting again. Not sure if the separatist Bloc would go for something that could actually improve Canada’s political system. Voter would be more forgiving of going to the poll again if they think they are voting under a fairer system.

I don’t agree with replacing the Liberal leadership. Dion have been subjected to a well funded right wing character assassination and came out bruised but stronger. Remember, the same right wing tactic and ridicule was used against McGuinty in Ontario and Al Gore in U.S.  Al Gore popularity takes a beating at that time. But look at Bush and Al Gore right now, who is more prominent and respected between the two of them. I could be wrong, but it would be unprecedented that an opposition leader only get one run at an election. Harper and McGuinty did not win on first try. Opposition leaders usually get at least couple of try before they are replaced.

It will be interesting to see what some supporter of the defeated candidate from past Liberal leadership race would do. Will there be increased whispering of discontent to the media from supporter of those who want to overthrow Dion again? I say let them, if it would lead to another leadership convention that would result in clearer majority to finally unite the party and silence any critics once and for all. It will probably be a nasty campaign that would only benefit Harper. But the success of Harper’s character assassination on Dion in this campaign was partly contributed by perceived infighting. And whenever there’s infighting, it creates an image of a disorganized party that is unprepared to govern. So if it takes a leadership convention to make these whispering Judas come out of the woodwork then so be it. I just might sign up as delegate for the first time in my life, just to get rid of these selfish back sniper.

On that note, I am off for a cybervacation.  Good Night and Good Luck!


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