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October 13, 2008

Vote with Courage and Hope, Not Fear and Doubt

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As the election draws near, I hope everyone would vote with hope and courage for change, not bought into the fear and doubt created by multi-million dollar campaign ad. During World War II, when the world was in depression, it was increased manufacturing activities that helps the economy recover. As the world economy fall, this is no time to retreat and bunker down. Dion’s Green Shift Plan would give much needed boost to rally everyone on a change of course towards renewable energy. Other European countries have adopted similar plan and is doing well. Contrary to Harper’s disinformation, Green Shift is not about doom and gloom and increased taxes. Gas price is explicitly excluded from any increase under the plan, but Harper keep repeating the lie that gas prices would increase. Green Shift would provide huge income tax cut credited monthly. It includes incentives for companies to help them switch to renewable energy. It will be revenue neutral, meaning any extra income gained from taxing the pollutants will be returned to taxpayers. Hard sell? For sure. People are always afraid of change and Harper used that to his advantage. Green Shift is not reckless as Harper wants you to believe. It’s been adopted and proven in Europe.  The increased manufacturing activity as a result of the move towards renewable energy would help insulate Canada and propel our economy forward while others sputter. It’s a big challenge to get the message through to Canadian due to Harper’s million dollar misinformation campaign. Dion’s fault is he might be a little ahead of our time by having the vision and the courage to take the initiative for change. Harper’s argument that since we are heading for bad time, we need to be steady and keep the status quo. This could not be further from the truth. It’s like knowing a big hurricane is approaching so you are just going to stand pat and close your eyes and hope you will be ok.

As the most divisive and violent election campaign in memory comes to a close, I thought this song is very appropriate. It serves as a reminder to politicians, who uses divisive politics to buttress their support, that we are all Canadian.

Also check out the video page with collections of Dion, in his own word at the campaign trail, explaining the Green Shift plan. Free from distortion propagated by Harper and bias media like CTV.

>>> Link to video page

Vote strategically if you have to but as Scott Tribe had said, Strategically Vote Strategically.

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