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October 13, 2008

Vote For Your Country, Not Your Pride

Ok, I have voiced concern about strategic voting in my previous blog. But on the eve of an election, all I can say is our country comes first. The three party (NDP, Liberal and Green) shared enough similarities that it won’t be considered surrendering your principle to vote for the other. So on all riding where one have clear lead and have the best chance to beat Harper, strategic voting is a must. This is our best chance to save our country from a virtual majority a Harper win would bring. Set aside our bickering and pride, the welfare of our country comes first. This is our best option until our electoral system is changed. Don’t get complacent, get out and vote. Poll shows we are back to the margin at the start of the campaign and Harper is hoping for a breakthrough on Ontario, which would give him a majority. Vote strategically but make sure you are not being misled with who is really on the lead. A Harper supporter or website could use that to split the vote.

Hope we don’t have to see Harper’s authoritarian, manipulative and intolerant government after Tuesday. Peace.

Also check out this nice music video from “You Have A Choice”.

Let the green revolution begin!

And finally, the good old “I am Canadian” song


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  1. […] Cyberwanderer links to, which allows you to input your postal code to find out who the correct strategic vote is. […]

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