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October 13, 2008

Harper Helped Bush Money Launder Softwood Duties

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Prior to Harper assuming the position of Prime Minister, Paul Martin was fighting hard with U.S. on softwood lumber duties that U.S. illegally collected from us. The case was before the court and Martin was confident we will win. When Harper assumed power, he quickly ended the case against U.S. by summarily making a deal with Bush. He effectively handed over to Bush the $5.4 billion of our money being held by the U.S. illegally. But what is unusual is the U.S. sent part of the money back to Harper so that he can wire it back in an act similar to money laundering. So Harper helped Bush launder the money giving Bush the option to decide who he want to give our money to. (h/t Red Tory, Take Off Eh?)

So it went from a court case we have confident of winning, for a blatant illegal U.S. duties, to just handing over our cash to Bush. And worse is, Harper helped Bush circumvent their system and gain direct control of a billion dollar of our cash.

So What’s the next sellout we can anticipate from Harper? Selling out our nuclear industry and hydro to foreign companies? So did he want Canadian Wheat board abolished in order to help U.S. farmer? That move is very illogical since Canadian Wheat Board, which is farmers controlled,  gave our farmers an advantage in marketing their product abroad. It seems Harper is getting good at juggling money. He is still being investigated by Election Canada for money laundering like scheme of hiding an overspending in previous campaign.

Updated 12:31 PM ET: Youtube of news report



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