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October 12, 2008

List of Harper’s Scandals Part 2

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Like I mentioned in part 1 of this blog, Harper would have been heavily criticized if the scandals surfacing against him is occurring in U.S.  McCain and Palin’s hate filled speech and labeling Obama as terrorist amidst a rowdy Republican crowd was heavily chided by U.S. media for promoting hate. Harper on the other hand was able to accuse Liberal of being “extremist”, “Taliban sympathizer” without much of a reaction. His boo brigade strong arming the press asking question in Harper’s campaign did not get much press coverage.

Here is a continuation of the list of Harper’s scandals. (with date and link to my previous blogs).

February 17, 2008: Harper already started fear mongering campaign against Dion saying he would drive us into deficit. This is back when Liberal’s platform have not been released yet. So I guess Harper have crystal ball. (blog link)

February 20, 2008: Finance minister Flaherty engaging in war of words with Ontario, denigrating Ontario and lecturing the premiere how to run his government. Also, Flaherty supported bill that would give Alberta and BC more seats per capita than his home province Ontario (blog link).

February 22, 2008: Well respected International Science Journal blasted Harper for his total disregard for science, cutting funds to science program and censoring the government’s scientist. (blog link)

February 26, 2008: Selling out government property to private firm and effectively giving government money away to them by leasing back from them. (blog link)

February 28, 2008: Harper interview tape revealed offer of  bribe to Cadman in exchange for toppling Paul Martin’s government.  (blog link)

March 5, 2008: Trying to influence U.S.Democratic presidential primary through CTV. (blog link)

March 17, 2008: Collusion with Bush in blocking any agreement in Bali climate change conference. (blog link).

April 26, 2008: Harassing Election Canada for investigating his party. (blog link)

These are only the one I’ve blogged about when I am not too busy. I am sure there are a lot more not included here. After Harper pulled the plug on his own government and the election was called, there are no shortage of scandals. Including the plagiarized speech and the other plagiarized speech. Listeriosis and lying about not cutting food inspection. Racist remark by Harper’s MP, and the other MP. And that hateful MP. Proudly speaking of manipulating Canadian on their platform release. Indifference to looming economic crisis until poll shows support tanking. Fabricated attack ad. Intolerance for opposing view from a father of a slain soldier. Bird pooping ad that caught foreign press attention.

And the latest:

Harper lied under oath on Cadman tape; Afghanistan war cost under-reported by billions of dollars;Harper uses his boo brigade to shut down media’s question in his campaign.


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