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October 12, 2008

U.S. Media Would Not Have Let These Harper’s Scandals Pass

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If Harper is running his election in U.S. right now, he would not get away with the list of scandals below.

There was a time when the U.S. media were easily muzzled to fall in line with government of Bush and his relatives run Fox News. Media who criticize Bush at that time receive an earful and feared being labeled unpatriotic and other unsavory labels. This campaign of strong arming the media works in creating a bunch of obedient press who so readily repeat Bush policies but have second thoughts about challenging him.

Thankfully, a lot of the media in the U.S.  have waken up and have broke free from Bush leash. In the current U.S. election, they resemble more of what a media should be doing. Sarah Palin try to shut out the media in her meeting with a foreign leader in U.N. and the press would have none of that. The lone news allowed to film and take her photo threatened to boycottt her appearance (article link).  But in Canada, it’s a different story.  Lot’s of career ending scandals about Harper have surfaced but most Canadian remains unaware of them due to a media that easily pander to Harper, giving him more leeway, but readily jump all over Dion over an outtake clips. This has the undesired effect of taking the focus away from the Afghanistan war cost report released that day. (Desired and much welcome if you are Harper). Here are the list of Harper’s scandals in chronological order from my previous blogs (with links and date of my previous blog).

January 13, 2008: Holding the funding for Provinces hostage and “blackmailing opposition” to stay In power. (blog link)

January 16, 2008: Firing CNSC Linda Keen to deflect criticism that his government was slow to react to the medical isotope crisis. (blog link)

January 20, 2008: Giving away where Dion will be going next in Afghanistan for partisan rambling. It would have put Dion’s life at risk if the Taliban pick it up from the press. (blog link)

January 21, 2008: Treasonous act of selling out a fellow Canadian just because he is the leader of Liberal opposition. Letter written by Harper’s government to Pakistan taking Dion word out of context to claim Dion want to attack Pakistan. Pakistan was furious and blasted Dion. Tattle tell lies just to score political points and make Dion look bad. (blog link)

January 27, 2008: Lie to Canadian about Afghan prisoner exchange and torture just to cover his butt while he accuse opposition of being Taliban sympathizers. When caught lying, with the aid of Sandra Buckler, blame the military for not informing them.  Also play hide and seek with media seeking clarification on Harper’s government voicing support for Israel’s housing expansion to East Jerusalem. (Something even Israel’s staunchest ally, U.S., does not support). (blog link)

January 28, 2008: It was revealed in Parliament during question period that while Harper’s government claimed they were looking for alternative supplies for medical isotopes shortage, they have asked European companies not to increase production of medical isotope just the day before. (blog link)

January 31, 20008: Harper’s senior official caught trying to interfere in a court case. Harper went on his usual tantrum when caught in a corner and accused the  opposition of thinking there’s a conspiracy because the MP were Greeks. (blog link)

February 2, 2008: Awarding a government contract without bidding to friend in violation of treasury board guidelines. (blog links)

February 5, 2008: Play politics with “Access to Information Act”. Long delays in releasing documents and blacking out text extensively resulting in heavy criticism from Gomery for “transparent government” sham, saying one thing during election campaign but doing the opposite when in office. (blog link)

February 7, 2008: Constantly trying to force an election and pushing his bills as confidence motion, a designation usually reserved for budget.  Cornering opposition to pass the bill or the government will dissolve and go to an election, at a time when polls shows Canadians don’t want one. (blog link)

List continued here >> Blog collection of Harper’s scandals part 2.


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  1. With all due respect, you may be less familiar with US media than you imagine. What’s going on around Sarah Palin is not a good barometer – it’s more of an exception. The US media is as tightly muzzled as it ever was, and still gives the Republicans a free ride whenever possible. Don’t let the presence of Keith Olbermann fool you.

    Comment by L-girl — October 12, 2008 @ 6:19 pm | Reply

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