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October 11, 2008

Harper News Blackout and His Boo Brigade

Looks like emperor Harper is restricting media question during the crucial hours before the election. (h/t A BCer in Toronto). He refused to answer question during his campaign today. While all opposition continue to entertain questions from reporters, Harper is adding restriction to an already infrequent meeting with the press. The only time he was so eager to come out and talk to the press was to make fun of Dion. He even put out a TV set and delayed his flight to play up an outtake of Dion asking for clarification from a CTV’s reporter.

On the rare occasions that he allow reporters question during his campaign, he uses his boo brigade to strong arm the reporter. This youtube video just show another instance of that and a reporter who had enough of that Mao’s Cultural Revolution style tactic.

Harper’s response? “I have no problem with this.” Of course he has no problem with his people muzzling the press. He himself do it.

Now, contrast that with the response by a decent leader.

Update: 6:01 pm EST Oct 11, 2008:

Dion said Stephen Harper claim it is a choice between Harper and Dion for PM. This youtube video shows Harper confessing Dion is the alternative choice for PM.

Canadians are beacon of freedom and democracy. Real Freedom, not the Freedom that have been used as catch phrase by ultra right wing leaders to push for war.  We deserve a decent leader, not an authoritarian and secretive “strong leader”.



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  2. ABCDE

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