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October 11, 2008

Flaherty’s Shady Accounting Strikes Again

Jim Flaherty, Harper’s main economic man, is well known for hiding the deficit in Ontario. Now, looks like this government is back with the same Harris tactic. After all, Harper plagiarized Harris speech and is adopting his policy. So if you want to see what Canada under Harper will be like in 4 to 8 years, just look back at the state of education, health and  water supply safety when Harris was booted out. They’ve hidden billions of dollars in deficits. So can Harper and Flaherty be trusted when they claim they did not run us into deficit, despite some economist voicing concern? One proof that they can’t be trusted is the just released real Afghanistan war cost report.  It turns out Harper have under-reported the real cost of the war by billions of dollars. So what financial figure is he going to under-report next? Do we want a liar as our Prime Minister as the world head to recession?

There is another type of under-reporting going on. The press is under-reporting this so no surprise that most Canadians are not aware of it going into the election. CTV offers Harper a big help on the day this came out with their now infamous and much scorned antic on Dion’s interview outtake.  The seed of boycott have been planted. (Here and here).  It’s time we let these corrupt media know we won’t stand for Fox News style journalism here in Canada. I suggest we come up with a logo to put on our blog to show our displeasure even after the election.


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