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October 10, 2008

Cadman Tape Back To Haunt Harper; Caught Lying Under Oath

Back in February 28, 2008, I’ve blogged in length about Harper and the Cadman tape. I dissected the lie in Harper’s claim. Click the link here > Harper’s Tape Contradict His Denial Of Bribe. Reading through that blog quickly again, I realize how much things have not change over there at Mike’s CTV.  I followed that blog with another one on March 10, 2008. Click here > Conservatives Continue To Dodge Question About Cadman.

Here’s two excerpt from my previous blog:

Today, Steve V from Far n wide blog mentioned a press release issued by Conservative through CTV, questioning some technical details of the tape. If the tape is fake why didn’t Harper just come out and said so. Why did he not say “That tape was spliced together” or “I did not say what was on that tape. It is fake or doctored”? They need to analyze it first and have his men raise it with CTV? All the while he did not deny what was said on that tape. This raises more question.

and the other one:

Just read Garth Turner blog:

BTW, the lowest and sleaziest moment thus far in a sad tale: Mike Duffy asking Cadman’s daughter, live on TV, if her dying dad was “fuzzy on drugs” when he told her about the Conservative offer. To her credit, she did not tell him to get stuffed.

It makes me uncomfortable that it seems like Duffy is trying to discredit Cadman. Duffy could claim he is just being an inquisitive journalist. But their past record of coming to Harper’s defence makes me fear this has less than decent motive. I hope I am wrong or it will confirm my fear that CTV is becoming Fox news of Canada.

What change of course is now I know without any doubt that Mike is just an obedient Harper’s puppet. But more importantly, the court just confirm what we already know back then that the tape was not doctored (The Star). An important point from that article is Harper lied under oath when he says:

” What I do know is that this answer is not the answer to this question, I think there’s been some editing in this question, so I don’t think it goes from this question to this answer.”

Harper insisted in his testimony that at that point in the interview he told Zytaruk he did not know about the offer of an insurance policy. He claimed Zytaruk edited that response out of the recording.

For more details, read my two previous blog which went through each of Harper’s lie revealing the inconsistencies with the couple of Cadman tapes that surfaced at that time.



  1. Great coverage of this issue. Thanks! It is an under-reported story, and it seems that Harper effectively muzzled the Liberals with the lawsuit. (Even the Scandalpedia page about Cadman has been temporarily removed.)

    Comment by Yappa — October 11, 2008 @ 9:20 am | Reply

  2. […] Harper’s problem might come calling soon. A possible perjury charge for lying under oath and  claiming the Cadman tape, which exposed his parties offering bribe to a dying man, was doctored. It turns out it was not. So […]

    Pingback by Harper’s Twist and Shout As Stock and Dollar Falls « Cyberwanderer’s Blog — October 22, 2008 @ 10:14 pm | Reply

  3. Fast forword to 2012…… things are worse!

    Comment by Anonymous — August 26, 2012 @ 4:31 pm | Reply

  4. Just needed to say

    1. Harper knew of Conservative bribery. He clearly, really, absolutely, provably, did, and was caught on tape saying it.

    2. Duffy had his own reasons for attacking any allegation that Conservatives bribed people. As we know now, Duffy was taking bribes himself, and who knows how far back that actually goes?

    3. Harper Duffy Cadman. Harper Duffy Cadman. Harper Duffy Cadman. Harper Duffy Cadman. Harper Duffy Cadman. That’s for the search engines as it really appears that any mention of these cases in combination is being systematically censored.

    4. Perjury should have been prosecuted in the Cadman affair. Dona Cadman should be offered immunity if she reveals what really happened and that Harper bribed her, too, with a Conservative nomination, in order to back off her story about the bribe.

    5. Tom Flanagan. Taught both Pierre “Poutine” Poilievre and Stephen Harper. Looks like it was more than just personal stuff, doesn’t it?

    Comment by Craig Hubley — April 20, 2015 @ 11:51 am | Reply

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