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October 9, 2008

Harper Seize on Help From CTV’s Distraction

Harper seize on CTV’s making a mountain out of a molehill, over Dion’s misunderstanding a CTV’s reporters question, to distract from his falling popularity. The question asked was:

“If you were prime minister now, what would you have done about the economy and this crisis that Mr. Harper has not done?”

Knowing Dion’s difficulty with the English language, something he have worked hard to improve on, CTV chose to use counterfactual condition statement which as defined by Wikipedia is:

a conditional (or “if-then”) statement indicating what would be the case if its antecedent were true. This is to be contrasted with an indicative conditional, which indicates what is (in fact) the case if its antecedent is (in fact) true.

The definition is as straight forward as the question that was asked but that’s just the nature of conditional subjunctive tenses. I suspect CTV know very well these type of sentences confuses lots of ESL students. It’s a very smart and cunning move. CTV said it took them three takes. But the third take that they were talking about was actually Dion laughing out loud at the way the question was phrased.

Harper was just too glad at the distraction. But both Globe and Mail and The Star observed that it was uncharacteristic of Harper to speak to the media more than his one time a day allotment for them. He even pull out a TV to show Dion repeatedly and delayed his departure. Meanwhile, few days ago in CBC’s National, Harper refused to take question from voters, a format adopted by all other leaders including Dion. Why is he so afraid of taking on the spot questions from the voters? French reporter pointed out that Harper also fumbled his French on several occasions. Do we hear Quebec media using that to claim he is not worthy of being a Prime Minister?

Nice try on changing the subject. Now back to issues that really matters.



  1. I think this shows how desperate Harper really is!

    Comment by Deb Prothero — October 9, 2008 @ 11:38 pm | Reply

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