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October 4, 2008

Harper Continue the Deficit Lie; Downplay New Plagiarism Of Harris Speech

Harper continued to lie about “oppositions plan would lead to deficit”. I guess it’s convenient for him to ignore the Liberal costed platform with plan to set aside approximately $3 billion annually to avoid such deficit. Harper, on the other hand still have no platform and waiting until a week before the election to release it.

When asked by a reporter about new revelation of Harper’s plagiarism of Ontario’s Mike Harris speech, Harper tried to downplay it saying it is just a few sentences. Yeah if it’s commonly used sentence then that would be understandable. But here are the words and sentences copied from Mike Harris speech. Judge for yourself whether these words, combination of words and sentences are commonly used.

Thinking about things from a new and different perspective  (is never easy). …It takes courage, conviction and the strength to know that taking a new and innovative course (is going to make) change for the better…. Genuine Leaders are the ones who do the right thing.

Conservative supporter tried to dismiss it saying great mind think alike and like Harper said, it’s only a few sentence. Show me a person who says this is not plagiarism and I’ll show you a very dishonest man.

h/t to Jerad Gallinger, the source of the revelation.

A reporter also asked Harper why at a time when Eurpopean leaders are meeting to discuss the economic crisis, he remain dismissive. Harper said the economic crisis is only in the U.S.  He says we must stick with the plan (which as of now, Harper’s plan is do nothing). Or just as Harper said at the beginning of his campaign, “We must stay the course” (another phrase borrowed from Bush speech).

Here’s a Liberal youtube video of Harris and Harper speech comparison. But the video did not show a large part of the second sentence I’ve indicated above and reported in various media.

Here’s another video that compares Mike Harris policies to that of Harper.

Update: Oct. 4, 2008 4:12pm EST
If you still have any doubt that Mike Harris and Stephen Harper have the same agenda. Their press released revealed they worked together in dismissing the new revelation. (h/t A BCer in Toronto). Both Harris and Harper men released each statement separately that says:

We’re not going to respond to every wild allegation from a panicked campaign that doesn’t want to talk about its own policies.

The only party who does not want to talk about its policies is Harper’s party. He is the only one without a costed platform. Harper and his men’s selective hearing is preventing them from hearing the other parties policies. That would explain why they keep saying the other parties does not talk about their policies.



  1. […] in Ontario. Now, looks like this government is back with the same Harris tactic. After all, Harper plagiarized Harris speech and is adopting his policy. So if you want to see what Canada under Harper will be like in 4 to 8 […]

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  2. We win, you lose. Suck it up leftist crybaby.

    Comment by Mark — October 24, 2008 @ 7:54 pm | Reply

  3. Leftist? Haha. Typical.

    Comment by cyberwanderer — October 24, 2008 @ 9:23 pm | Reply

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