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October 2, 2008

Harper Went Into English Debate Without A Platform

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On economy
Harper tried to dismiss Dion plan to do something to protect our economy as panicking. Yeah, look at Harper, he is not panicking just as Bush did not panic. Bush did nothing and was constantly in denial until the state of U.S. economy have gotten so bad. May took Harper’s lie and point out he is the only party that have no platform. I guess it’s better to just attack other people’s plan through disinformation ad. May also point out Harper have no plan for the economy and he is out of touch with people’s concern about the economy.

On Manufacturing Job
May criticized Harper for doing nothing. Dion explain that his plan for green economy would help revive the manufacturing sector. How he would help company switch to green energy. Layton asked Harper “where is your plan? Under your jacket? This is the first time in the history” (where a party have no platform).

On Sustainable Economy With Less Taxation
Dion explain his plan to reduce reliance on polluting energy sources and cut income taxes shifting it to pollutants. Harper claim Dion’s carbon taxes would be more tax than cut to taxes. Layton points out Harper’s environmental plan won’t see a reduction in emission. Layton, like Dion, talked about providing increased manufacturing opportunity as part of shifting to environment friendly energies. May promote shifting taxes to pollution to imitate Sweden and Germany who have been shifting in that direction.

The moderator asked if Harper knows Dion plan has tax cut in it. (Since Harper has been lying on his ad about Dion raising taxes). Harper continue to lie. Dion raised his voice over Harper’s continued lying cutting him off. Dion asked why Harper is saying that (with Harper keep lying that Liberal plan would raise taxes for people). Dion point out other countries are doing fine with this shift and was visibly mad at Harper and told viewer not to believe Harper. Every party tore down Harper’s facade revealing him for doing nothing and lying about his environment policy. Duceppe gave Harper a lesson about his intensity plan showing what a useless ruse it is. Harper, with his environment plan tore down to pieces, fall back on claiming he is investing on national park and a bunch of other ambiguous thing. May said yeah that national park is true but the rest are fraud.

On Arts
Dion talks about arts citing good novels and movies stimulating us and our economy. Harper said he enjoyed arts since he played piano and his wife paint, his daughter…, his son…. Layton followed Harper lead by claiming he also love arts before diving in to criticize Harper’s cuts to arts. Layton said Harper talk of freedom as some kind of value but then nic people who brought controversial viewpoint out, like those who create critical movies. Dion said Harper’s cut to arts and movies are ideologically motivated.

On Increased Rate Of Crime
May deny rate of crime is going up and that the perception is created by media. May wants assault weapon banned but provide less burdensome ways for hunting rifle. Dion said we need to be tough not only on crime but also on drugs and addictions. He spoke of need to give police the tools to fight crime. Harper point out a need to take care crime and use jailing of youth as his central solution for crime. (again like yesterday, Harper’s obsession with singly focusing on jailing youth).

On First Real Issue They Would Do When Elected
Layton would remove Harper’s corporate tax cut and create jobs. Duceppe said he does not want to be Prime Minister but asked the Prime Minister to be to help the manufacturing sector and youth. May would fix our electoral system to proportional system to prevent false majority. Dion would take care of the economy. He would prepare and prevent Canada from economic crisis. Harper will continue to manage economy and not raise taxes but would reduce taxes in several areas. Layton said Harper did not mention people’s houses and jobs but instead is giving tax cut to Exxon.  Claiming he does not care about the people. Harper claim he has been between job and know how that felt. (see “Talking to the press” section at the bottom to see this deception unravel)

Layton said McGuinty support his plan over Dion. Dion denied that and the moderator point out McGunity does support Dion but McGuinty’s minister said it’s not the right time to introduce Green Shift. Dion said the minister was responding to a question about a TD economist claim that income tax cut similar to Dion’s Green Shift would be good.
Dion again said Harper’s claim of Dion’s plan to increase taxes is not true. He would be cutting income taxes and each dollar raised on pollution will be given back on income tax cut.

Talking To The Press
During the media scrum, Dion’s express satisfaction for being able to breakdown the disinformation created by Harper’s multi-million dollar ad.

Harper stick to the same script as last night that opposition did not discuss their policies and he did. CityTV reporter asked Harper to clarify his claim of being in between job when he try to say he understand something about losing job. It turns out he was referring to being in between job from Reform to Canadian Alliance. What a deceitful, fraudulent, manipulative and lying “strong leader”. He claim he is the only one who talk about his policy? Never mind that the claim was totally false, but he is the only one without a platform. As Layton said, a first in the history. So why is he hiding his platform? Keeping it away until next week so that there won’t be enough time to scrutinize it? Does he hope to fool people on the eve of an election?



  1. To add to the talking to the press section. Dion appealed to viewer saying he know he have a very strong French accent. But he knows he speak the truth better in both languages than Harper.

    Comment by cyberwanderer — October 2, 2008 @ 11:29 pm | Reply

  2. […] I’ll read your platform when you release it, Steve, as others have also said in asking where the Conservative platform is. Even if it does get released in the next day or so, it is deceptive […]

    Pingback by » The debate, the Conservative platform (?), and an online Townhall on energy prices. Scott’s DiaTribes: My personal opinions on social and political issues from a progressive standpoint. — October 3, 2008 @ 7:56 am | Reply

  3. It seems that you have no conception of the fact that indeed the Conservatives did have a plan, it is called the buget. It came out this spring and outlined all the policies they intended to implement. Should that not have been enough, the platform was/is available on the Conservative website.

    Dion has a plan to have a plan that changes when the winds shift or a reporter’s question. Dion is a fine example of a captain in charge of a vessel that has a broken compass and no idea how to navigate the rough waters ahead. I feel deep sorrow for Liberal supporters, they have little to rejoice about and less to be happy for.

    Comment by mowich — October 12, 2008 @ 2:34 pm | Reply

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