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October 1, 2008

French Debate: May Tell It Like It Is, Harper Just Continue To Lie Shamelessly

Just some thoughts about the French debate.

Harper now claim he have seen the economic slow down coming. Then why did he used up all the tens of billions in surplus left by the previous government despite economist warning?

Straight face lie on Listeriosis and food inspector cut. Harper claim he added food inspector. Again, he has the foresight and it is the other parties fault. Wow, talk about shameless lie. He thought if he can lie and turn things 180 degrees then he can get away with everything. Elizabeth May shut him down for his partisanship pointing out the report critizing Harper was from Medical Association and not from a partisan group.

On Environment, Harper said other country share his environment plan. I guess he meant Bush’s U.S.A.  Layton point out Bush won’t be there anymore and he will be all alone. BTW, Howard is not in Australia anymore also. So while the rest of the world moves on from the ultra right wing leaders, Harper hope he can fool Canada to stay in power or even get a majority.

Harper, when he is out of excuse keep claiming it’s misinformation by the other parties. Even though he is the one who have been running million dollar worth of misinformation ads. I guess just like Bush, accuse your opponent what they could accuse you of. That way when they called you on it you can claim you are the victim and not the perpetrator.

On Leadership and Government: Asked to say something nice about the leader to their left. Harper talked about Layton (who was on his left) but it’s actually more about what he had done with Layton support than more about good things Layton had done.

Harper said we don’t need personal attack. Does he have split personality? How many critics, scientist and people have he attacked and smeared?

Harper said with a straight face that Dion claim of Canadian Medical Association blaming Harper on Listeriosis is NOT true. It’s not true he kept repeating. Canadian Medical Association did not say that. What a liar! Here’s a link that would settle this shameless straight face lying “strong leader” of Canada.
CBC: CMAJ slams Conservatives’ move to self-monitoring in meat industry
and direct from the source: Canadian Medical Association Journal – Listeriosis is the least of it.

Explain that you lying strong leader Kim Jong, I mean Stephen Harper. So Harper is betting people won’t check the fact so he can deny whatever he like during the debate and get away with it.

On Crime: Harper make a big play of youth crime. I’ve pointed out in my previous blog that youth crime is not the main problem and Harper is trying to create an impression of epidemic of youth crime. So I am glad to see May’s no non-sense retort on Harper’s charade of manufacturing a crisis of youth crime. What is it with Harper’s obsession with jailing 14 year olds? No wonder Duceppe made that pedophilia accusation that get Harper so riled up. Harper continued to focus singly on jailing youth as they continue to talk about crime.

Artist are spoiled children? The moderator asked the straight question. Harper claim artist holds gala so they don’t need funding. How dare they hold gala?! No funding for you! (best said with Seinfeld’s soup nazi accent). No funding for these spoiled kid until they get rid of gala (Webster’s definition: festive celebrations) in arts.

Harper tried to blame Dion for his failed environment policy claiming Liberal did not do anything. Duceppe point out Harper was complaining back then that Liberal was doing too much so this means Harper just want the environment policy to fail miserably.

Talking to reporter, Harper stayed on script that opposition did not talk about their policies so they are only good as opposition and should stay that way. Maybe he was asleep during the debate because the oppositions did talked about their policies.


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