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September 29, 2008

One Question and Ways to Expose Harper’s Economic Lie

There’s one question that need to be asked to expose Harper’s lie that he is the best economic manager. What happened to the tens of billions in surplus that he inherited? He spend our country close to deficit with nothing to show for it. The other government that did that was Mike Harris in Ontario with the same staff and economic manager as Harper. Lead by non other than Jim “hide and seek deficit” Flaherty. Harper tried to use the minuscule surplus this quarter to claim that he is the best economic manager. It’s a common Harper tactic. Cut huge then restore minuscule fund and make lots of noise as if he is making bigger than ever contribution. Case in point, he cut huge amount of fund for arts and today announced a small amount for Children art just so he can silence his critics.

One thing Liberal can do is to start assembling an economic oversight group. This would get them started on looking for ways to minimize impact of U.S. economic meltdown. This would also demonstrate to Canadian that the Liberal have a much deeper groups of experts for handling an economic slowdown. Contrast this with Harper’s constant denial. He claimed U.S. is still not in recession. Yeah we heard that before. From George Bush!

Layton on the other hand is calling for a mid election leader meeting. Is he trying to imitate McCain?

As Dow have their worse drop in history and George “what recession?” Bush try to grapple with the crisis belatedly, Canada can’t afford to be led by a guy who imitate Bush not only in words but also in actions.

If Harper win, not only would our economy suffer under his secretive government, but he will also continue to sell our valuable assets to foreign companies. He would continue to sell our assets, some of it he had already put in motion.  Remember this news? Toronto Star news: Nuclear selloff in works. Not to mention the CanadArm that he put on sale. Expect him to continue selling out Canada’s assets.


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