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September 27, 2008

Dion’s Coming of Age

Watching Dion’s recent speech, I can’t help but feel that the tide is turning. He is a changed man. His speech has become more passionate and from the heart. It started after Harper suggested Dion is praying for recession. Dion fight back with a passionate talk about Canada. A sincere from the heart talk that demonstrate a man who truly love his country. In hard economics times, we need a leader who have suffering Canadian at heart, first and foremost. Someone who would look after people who are losing their homes and jobs.  Today’s speech from Stoney Creek, Ontario shows a new more passionate Dion. I hope he keep that up and just get rid of the prepared speech and teleprompter.

It’s also nice to see all Liberals working together. So like I said before, the anonymous troublemaker is a Harpers mole. Ignatieff shot back at media’s claim of Liberal infighting by saying it is not him nor his men and pretty much dismissed that claim as a lie. Rae also had voiced support weeks ago and said “I am not anonymous, you can quote me”. Dion today said all his men are out there working and interacting with Canadian. Compared that to the one man show of Harper where he try to prevent his men from being interviewed, from speaking out. Come on people don’t get carried away by Harper’s misinformation. Don’t misinterpret his bullying and smear as strong leadership. Don’t think that just because he has a small surplus this quarter, he is a god economic leader. Remember all the surplus that Paul Martin accumulated during his term as a Finance minister then Prime Minister? Harper squandered those while still doing lots of cuts. That just does not make economic sense. This is similar to what the Conservative Harris did in Ontario (with the same staff as Harper). He cut so much to the point of collapsing education and health care and still end up in deficit. Contrast that to the Liberal, who strike a balance by maintaining social and health services while still having a massive surplus. Even during time of economic slow down. Now Harper’s attitude is we are doing just fine. He reminds me of Bush. Totally out of touch and in denial. Bush kept insisting that the U.S. is not in recession when all signs points to one. Maybe he is right, because his government is managing to screw up so bad we might not have a recession but a depression. His government gave us Enron and WorldCom and still did nothing. Is this the type of government we want running our country while people are losing their jobs? Harper like Bush is in denial and have been trying to downplay the hard economic times ahead.

So if you happen to be at a Liberal campaign, take videos of Dion’s speech and post it on youtube. Let me know if you found any video. Post it and e-mail it to all your friends. This is the way to counter Harper’s multi-million pervasive disinformation campaign. Most video I found is campaign ad. I think on-the-campaign trail’s passionate and hearty speech video would resonates more with voters.  If you have CPAC, watch them instead of filtered report by the media.


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