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September 26, 2008

U.S. Congress Bicker As Economy Tether On The Brink

It’s disgusting to see all this political posturing while the economy is in dire state. Why can’t a compromise be found? Is Bush still trying to take the opportunity to give himself dictatorial power and bypass oversight? Ordinary Americans are asking what they will get in return for shouldering the cost of bank executives excesses. It’s a valid question and Bill Clinton made a good point in the Daily Show by saying the Americans should get interest for their money and not just gave them away. McCain on the other hand thought he could just walk in and act like he is the knight in shining armor to the rescue and Bush can set the stage for him. But when it comes down to getting things done, he just sat there quietly while Obama was busy asking question like most Americans are doing right now. Republicans on the other hand are back to their old ways of bully attitude and blackmailing thinking the Democrats would be so fearful of being blamed that  they will easily give in and give Bush extraordinary power without oversight, as he give away taxpayers money. For Bush, crisis provide opportunity. An opportunity to bully their way to get more power. And to think that Canada might be electing Harper, a Bush policy clone, back to power does not bode well for Canada at all. McCain and Harper speaking from the same script claimed that “the economic fundamentals are strong”. But we know both of them are habitual liar. McCain have been proven a liar and we won’t find out the real health of our economy in Canada while Harper is in power. Remember the billion dollar deficit hidden by Flaherty in Ontario? We will be kept in the dark longer if we vote these clown back to office.

Few months left in Bush presidency but it seems like eternity with how much more damage he can do. Daily Show/Colbert Report few days ago joked that if Bush worked hard enough, he just might be the last president.

Here’s an article from New York Time:


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