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September 24, 2008

Harper’s Tough on Crime Fallacy and Banking on Virtual Majority

Harper these past few days have been proclaiming himself as being tough on crime. He made a big deal out of revealing the identity of young offenders as if that’s the main problem of crime in Canada. If young offenders crime rise to epidemic proportion, then we have bigger problem wherein building more jails won’t solve. Untreated social ills in society such as increased poverty lead to more crime. Something Harper would never acknowledge since that means more funding for community and social services. The fact is crime have risen exponentially under Harper. For example, it used to be that gun crime in Toronto, if it does happen, usually occurs on a weekend. But nowadays, switching on to nightly news in Toronto, you are greeted with daily breaking news of gun crime. And Harper’s solution for the increasing crime? Build more jails but keep influx of arms flowing. Perhaps this is in keeping with his man Chris Reid assertion that citizens should be allowed to carry concealed weapons as a means of fighting crime. Instead of increasing funding to cities to fight gangs and crimes, Harper defend uncontrolled gun flow as if he is a member of the U.S. NRA (National Rifle Association). Has he not learned any lessons from U.S. Columbian and Virginia Tech shootings? Building more jails only take care of crime after it happens and do nothing to prevent it from happening. So his claim of being tough on crime is nothing but an empty rhetoric and a shameless fallacy.

Now he is threatening to force parliament to adopt his crime bill as a confidence motion in a take it or leave it, and we will be back in election again blackmail.  It seems like he wants to put all his bill as confidence motion from now on. He probably calculate that the opposition would be crazy to vote down his bill if it’s a confidence motion. Since doing so would put us back into election right away and Harper could market it with his rich campaign coffer as the opposition’s fault. So a Harper win this election would be like giving him a virtual majority. So it is no longer enough to ensure Harper government remains a minority. It is now critical that he must not win at all. With few weeks to go, all opposition should unite in not letting any Harper lies go without rebuttal. Even if we have to do it again and again. His repetitive lies could only be countered with repetitive clarification of facts.


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