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September 23, 2008

Canadian Media Resembling Pre Iraq War U.S. Media

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I can’t help but wonder if our media is becoming like the U.S. media in the run-up to Iraq war. Back then, they acted more like Bush spokesperson repeating Bush line. They have not asked question like a media ought to do. This profoundly influenced the U.S. public opinion on Iraq war. Now here in Canada with our crucial election here, our media seems to be too accommodating of Harper’s talking point. They repeat Harper’s line even when quick check of facts would indicate otherwise. The same day Harper put out ad accusing Dion of backing down from his Green Shift, the media repeated the charge saying Dion have abandoned Green Shift and is now talking about agriculture fund instead. Dion defended himself saying large percentage of the agriculture fund is subsidies to farmers for adopting green alternative sources. So he said that is Green Shift. But his comment was ignored and instead the media repeated Harper’s line that Liberal’s Green Shift plan is being shelved.

Now bloggers are noting a suspiciously bias act by CTV news. Even before the election, Robert Fife, their Ottawa correspondent have been criticized for being too pro Conservative. Maritime radio talk show host Andrew Krystal criticized Robert Fife for acting like Fox news and behaving like he have been bought and paid for by Harper. (h/t Random Noise). Blogger “Random Noise” note how CTV seems to be able to send out Conservative’s announcement to their subscriber shortly after their release, while it takes them much longer to release the oppositions announcements. This reawakens my discomfort with CTV’s closeness to Conservative. I have not really been watching much of CTV due to their past conduct. At the bottom of this post is a youtube video of CTV that I linked to back in January where the host was upset and ripped their guest when he criticized Harper’s government action at Bali. The anchorman pretty much repeated Harper’s talking point on doing nothing, when Harper and U.S. worked together to block talks at Bali Climate change conference.

Lately, Harper have been praising CBC. So should we be wary of CBC also? I hope not. I’ve read allegations made in blogosphere about CBC being more pro Conservative but I have not really notice any obvious bias except one instance of their reality check portion, where they pretty much gave Harper a free pass.

Let’s hope that our media won’t become like the U.S. media before and after the Iraq war. Where every news network fell in line with Fox news. They effectively became Bush government spokesperson. I blogged back in January and asked the question “Is CTV going the Fox News way?” because of the following video. But with our crucial election coming in few weeks time, this question takes on a whole new meaning and urgency.

Here’s the CTV video:

“Random Noise” Blog: CTV Playing Politics?


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  1. […] your leash went loose. Surprisingly, the main stream media hardly covered this. So my assertion of Canadian Media resembling Bush apologist U.S. media are not that far off. NDP MP’s cursing in the internet forum got headline news coverage today […]

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